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31.01.2018 04:42
Soft Skills - What it takes to learn Nursing Antworten

Soft Skills - What it takes to learn Nursing College. Because they need soft skills, they can easily communicate with patients and family members. Make you feel comfortable working.

As the health of the people grows, more and more hospitals, as well as health care centers for people, are built up to serve and respond. meet that need. Therefore, the job opportunities of students studying in the nursing system in general which the College of Nursing in particular because it is becoming more and more rich. Although it is HOT and attractive, it is considered to be the most promising in the future, but to know whether you should study Nursing or not and should study at the University or College. The first important thing is that you have to research this subject to see if you are fit for a nurse's job. Demands of human resources of the current discipline of society to make the correct decision.

At the HCM Medical College, in addition to the basic knowledge of health science, nursing students will be most deeply cultivated in the ability to analyze and apply the principle of nursing , nursing technical procedures, etc. to easily access and catch up on the latest achievements in the field of health care as well as to gain a better understanding of the field of study in order to be able to Provide the means to maintain and improve living conditions, care and improvement of human health.

In addition to learning professional knowledge is not enough, besides studying, participating in extracurricular activities, skills activities, foreign language training, ... will help They are more and more accumulated experience, social knowledge for themselves before entering the working environment of the business. At Ho Chi Minh City College of Medicine and Pharmacy, one of the prestigious colleges of training in the College of Nursing in 2018, students will be given more training in basic skills, soft skills needed to be able to presenting, organizing large scale health care projects, as well as researching, analyzing and documenting skills.

>>> View details of enrollment information for the College of Medicine and Pharmacy in HCMC in 2018

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