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10.02.2018 03:28
Admissions 2018: To be a good student in the discipline Antworten

Admissions 2018: To be a good student in the discipline. According to the Ministry of Education and Training's new enrollment regulations, schools will recruit pupils to enroll in this school year and recruit pupils with good academic performance in the 12th grade.

In the content of the draft in the 2018 enrollment season, MOET has clearly stated for the training sector of the teacher training sector at university, college and intermediate levels. In addition, MoET has further defined a threshold to ensure the quality of entrance examinations, cultural examinations will be used to recruit candidates.

At the university level, students will be recruited by the recruitment of high school graduates and grade 12 from good or better.

Particularly for colleges and intermediate level enrollment form 2018 is the recruitment of high school graduates to grade 12 or better grade. In the pre-enrollment seasons, the entry level for university studies only requires the GPA of each subject in the combination or a GPA of at least 6 marks.

Through the Department of Education's 2018 enrollment, we find that the selection of human resources for the education sector is rigorous, in order to ensure the training of talented people in the country. hybrid.

If your ability is not enough to participate in the selection of majors in the pedagogical field, you can also apply for admission to the Pharmaceutical School, which is typical of the HCM College of Medicine and Pharmacy, one of the candidates. Vietnam's leading pharmacy training school. And especially the graduates who have graduated from the job market are more than 90%, with extremely attractive income.

And one of the fields of study that is being invested by the school is the nursing education. Due to the current state of the country, human resources for nursing are severely lacking, while the demand for human health is increasing and increasing. Therefore, College Admissions in 2018 will be very appropriate for you in this year's enrollment.

For more information about enrollment 2018 of the College of Medicine and Pharmacy in particular and you can click on the button to see details.

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