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21.02.2018 04:44
Changing enrollment rules from 2018: There are still many inadequacies Antworten

Changing enrollment rules from 2018: There are still many inadequacies. According to the Ministry's new regulation, there will be significant changes in the 2018 enrollment season, and not only the teachers but also the parents and students are deeply concerned.

In the case of schools applying the recruitment method without using the results of the national high school examinations, the Ministry of Education and Training has also stated that the threshold for ensuring the quality of the entrance examination by the recruitment method must be based on the study results. training in 3 years of high school to enter the sector of teacher training.

Specifically, Enrollment in 2018, the university level will consider recruitment of high school graduates who rank grade 12 to grade good or higher grade; For junior college, high school, students enrolled graduated high school grade 12 grade ranked pretty good.

After the new draft of the ministry was announced, it is currently receiving attention from many people with concerns.

According to Mr. Hoang Ngoc Vinh, former Director of the Department of Professional Education (MOET), when the ministry has proposed that this change requires careful calculations of the input of the pedagogy, Excessive flooring levels will lead to a lack of entry into the pedagogy, as there are not many good candidates for pedagogy as in the past. "Vulnerability of the entrance to pedagogical college must be calculated.

Gradually, there will be very few students enrolled in pedagogical studies, and then a few years without human resources will be very difficult to cure, "said Hoang Ngoc Vinh stated.

Mr. Vinh also said that in the 2018 enrollment season, to have excellent students in the education sector, schools should have attractive scholarship policies for them and need to make commitments on employment issues. At graduation, there are new schools that can attract good people, without having to set entry standards.

On the other hand, the current ranking of excellent students is based on two subjects, while the pedagogy has many different branches, so if the regulations too rigid is to recruit high school graduated students Grade 12 graduates from good or better newly admitted to pedagogical university is not very well.

It is better to consider the main subjects of the training in 3 years of high school combined with the academic strength of the children in 3 years of high school will be more feasible. That is not to say, the classification of school children's strengths are also the difference between high schools in the provinces, regions, should make such a rule is not reasonable ...

Currently, in the 2018 enrollment season, some schools are also enrolling in the form of admissions for the National High School exam. By examining the ability of students in the 3 years of high school so that the most accurate assessment of their strengths as well as their strengths and weaknesses will be appropriate for their majors. signed or not.

One of the schools that conducted the examination candidates by the form of exam records is the HCM College of Medicine and Pharmacy - one of the leading medical schools in the South. Asserting its position in the society, in the 2018 enrollment season, the College of Medicine and Pharmacy of Ho Chi Minh City conducted enrollment nationwide with more than 2,000 indicators in careers such as Nursing, Testing, Nursing , Medicine, Physical Therapy ....

One of the industries that is being invested by the school more than other professions is Nursing. Recognizing that in recent years, as society develops, human life is increasingly enhanced, demand for health care is increasingly focused. Therefore, it is not necessary to graduate from the University of Nursing but only after attending the College of Nursing in Ho Chi Minh City. After graduation they can also earn a stable job with extremely attractive salary. .

>>> View information about Ho Chi Minh City College of Medicine and Pharmacy as well as 2018 enrollment information.

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