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14.06.2018 10:20
Ho Chi Minh City Maternity College is accepting grade 3 studies 2018 Antworten

College enrollment season is coming, so many of you are eager to study Midwifery College. What is the eligibility for the Midwifery College degree at the high school level in 2018 Ho Chi Minh City College of Pharmacy?

Midwives are considered a vital role in the health system, play a particularly important role and are directly related to maternal and child health before and after pregnancy. Therefore, the midwife must be skilled in the industry, good at professional skills.
Development Opportunities of the College of Midwifery

We can easily find a drug store when we are sick, but it is easy to find a standardized address when the Ministry of Health "overcrowded." Birth of a baby is an important issue in every family and every birth can not be lacking in midwives.
Although it is not necessary to be a participant in the new study, however, this industry has not received much attention from itself. Therefore, the maternal labor force is seriously lacking. As the population increases year by year, the labor force in the midwifery industry is always "flicker".

This is also possible because the occupational characteristics are only suitable for female students and on the other hand, the enrollment target for this field in medical colleges and universities is low, only the schools meet the standards of the Ministry of Health , the quality of new employees can be licensed to enroll this profession Cao dang Ho sinh Thanh Pho Ho Chi Minh

The development of the economy, the demand for life is increasing, the community is more and more focused on health. At the maternity hospital, the over-loading situation makes the Midwifes such as "more precious than gold". After school, midwives can work in hospitals, health centers, prenatal care centers and infants ... In the context of other fields of study are becoming increasingly saturated. Now, enrollment will be a smart choice for young people.

Regulations on enrollment conditions of the Ho Chi Minh City Junior College System 2018

Based on the regulations of the College, the Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs, the high school is under the guidance of the College of Midwifery with conditions very easy:
- High school graduates, complementary culture equivalent.
- Persons who are not currently serving sentence or criminal prosecution.
Be physically fit to participate in the learning process.
Only meet the above conditions that you can fully learn the enrollment of the birth attendants in Ho Chi Minh City at the high school is not without a concern about benchmarking input.
What is the training time for the Ho Chi Minh City Junior College System?
Candidates for the HCMC Midwifery College need to undergo 3 years of training. Throughout the process of attending school, hoc phi cao dang Ho sinh 2018 students will be provided with the basic knowledge of the Medicine and Nursing Profession, with faculty members having over a number of years of specialized experience. In the industry direct teaching

With facilities, modern equipment, students will be practiced, practice environment in the lab of private pharmacies by the school, school link hospital ... To apply knowledge , skills in a variety of contexts, to achieve the goal of "students after graduation have a job and how to work."

After graduating from Ho Chi Minh City College of Nursing, candidates have been awarded a Diploma of Pharmacy and are allowed to transfer to the University of Pharmacy if they meet the conditions set by the Ministry. In addition, private pharmacies nationwide are also recruiting College of Pharmacy, College of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Techniques, Nursing College ... For self-aspiring attending school. .

What is the cost of living in Ho Chi Minh City in 2018?

To serve the educational intentions of many young people, the College of Medicine and Pharmacy of Ho Chi Minh City announced the enrollment of midwives in 2018 in the whole country, recruited in the form of direct examination of the majority of students high school, exemption.

The enrollment period is 03 years. All of them have completed the training program and passed the final exam. The college will be awarded the Diploma of Pharmacy equivalent to the Ministry of Health specialized in Midwifery, Can work within the scope of the law and be allowed to link to higher education to enhance the value of degrees, easy to choose a career if meet the criteria in the recruitment rules. Current births.

Regarding tuition fees, each school will have different tuition fees, but not overly agreed and given by the Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs. One of the training centers in the Ho Chi Minh City Midwifery College has the lowest tuition fee Pham Ngoc Thach Medical College. The tuition fee is set at VND 800,000 / month. This fee applies to all subjects regardless of region or region. This cost saves you more There are many more than other schools of Medicine and Pharmacy admission but still

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