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 Forschung und Medizin
caodangyduoc Offline

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08.10.2018 11:20
College Admissions Student Admissions Information in 2019 Antworten

About the Midwifery industry

This is a medical profession training college-educated midwives who have good moral and ethical qualities, have a sense of serving the people, have the knowledge and ability to practice the profession of midwives at the college level. To provide health human resources to meet the requirements of building and defending the Fatherland.


Formal Qualifications College students in 2019 have different years ago? disturbed by many students ..

2019 is the form of recruiting College Diplomacy is difficult?

According to the regulations of the Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs of Ho Chi Minh City applied the form of recruitment with the College of Midwifery is no different than the other pharmaceuticals such as Pharmacy College, College of Traditional Medicine, College Article Nursing and College of Physiotherapy Techniques.

The enrollment conditions are as follows:

Candidates are Vietnamese citizens aged 18 years or over and do not discriminate against religion.

A clean record, not in court or have a criminal record.

Got a high school diploma.

Ensure health attendance at school.

Accordingly, the cost of high school students in 2019 at the school is 800,000 VND / month.

high-speed internet? birth old man

In addition, students will need to quickly prepare a midwifery admission application form for the school's admissions office. As a result, the enrollment records for the midwife's diploma include:

1 enrollment form for the Diploma of Nursing in 2019 as required by the school

A copy of your high school diploma is stamped in the locality where the student resides.

Copies of high school notarization results in the ward where the student resides.

A copy of the birth certificate at the place of residence.

Three 4x4 photos taken 6 months ago and the back of the picture filled with information.

Two stamped envelopes with full name, address and telephone number

Curriculum vitae in the ward where the student resides.

Pham Ngoc Thach Medical College is also located in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City College of Pharmacy also organizes recruiting students in Ho Chi Minh City College of Higher Education to increase their employment opportunities and improve their qualifications. higher than those with intermediate degree.

Jose J. Martinez Offline

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30.10.2018 19:01
#2 RE: College Admissions Student Admissions Information in 2019 Antworten

That was superb and good awareness for the students. Education should be the first priority of our everyone. Thanks for sharing on writing update for the students and they can grab here valueable posts. Thumbs up for the future updates.

Leah Nicholson ( Gast )

26.02.2020 13:41
#3 RE: College Admissions Student Admissions Information in 2019 Antworten

Thanks for sharing the details about the Midwifery industry here. I appreciate all the fake bachelors degree knowledge here. I will try to share this knowledge with a few of my mates, and hopefully they'll appreciate me for doing that.

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