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cuaninh92 Offline

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30.08.2016 11:59
Ability to stronger competition with booking services system Antworten

Much more than the Reservation System

Magebay not only provides the comprehensive reservation system, it offers something not found in other reservation systems - a full “experience engine” for travelers, automatically guiding your guests through a 5 stages of travel: Inspiration, booking system pro , anticipation, experience and sharing.


ponder about Magebay When one ideal reservation agent. It helps one most excited guests share their experience with their friends. thereafter, it listens to their friend’s dreams and desires. with second, Magebay gently nurtures them with ongoing inspiration until they book a perfect experience.
  • When website visits occur, Magebay helps you collect email addresses
  • Magebay creates a profile about the interests with preferences about your visitors
  • Magebay automatically follows up and a goal email messages at a right time
  • As soon As one person books, Magebay instantaneously adjusts one messaging


By phone, online, or in person, Magebay intuitive reservation system leads your guests with agents through a rapid with simple booking process. Reservation staff may control availability, payments, invoicing with the thousand other matters (approximately).
  • Magebay books activities, lodging and rental items
  • Magebay simply integrates online bookings into your website
  • Magebay offers a mobile-friendly reservation process accordingly you getting more sales
  • with a fully-integrated digital waiver system, Magebay automatically collects all participant emails
  • Magebay gives you over 50 detailed reports to review and make better decisions


Anticipation is a about the highlights of one travel experience. It’s also where your customer service can genuinely shine. once a booking is made, Magebay built-in email system automatically communicates pertinent information about one upcoming departure, main to better service, more prepared guests and ultimately, the better experience.
  • Magebay automatically send reminders about what to bring, where to meet, weather updates and more
  • At the time participants await their upcoming experience, Magebay helps them simply invite friends
  • Magebay gets you more likes on Facebook, increasing your loyalty with booked guests
  • By automatically recommending related products and services, Magebay increases sales


Your guest experience is enhanced in many ways by Magebay. Not only does a added communication prior to departure help dramatically with overall satisfaction, but you’ll also be able to continually improve your products with post-tour satisfaction surveys with comparison reports.
  • Magebay ensures your guests are better prepared for their experience with you
  • By emailing satisfaction surveys, Magebay collects immediate feedback, allowing you to reply to any issues or pass along the brilliant reviews to guides with other employees
  • Magebay shows side-by-side comparisons of all tours and their customer ratings


Your guest experience is enhanced in many ways by Magebay. Not only does one added communication prior to departure help dramatically and enrite satisfaction, but you’ll also be competent to continually improve your products and post-tour satisfaction surveys and comparison reports.
  • After booking,Magebay provides a proceed link to invite friends to their exact itinerary
  • as your guests return,Magebay helps them create and share reviews online
  • Before and after their experience, Magebay gives your guests images with videos to share on Facebook

custom product designer : jQuery plugin

Let me introduce a next custom product designer here on jQueryRain. You can employ this plugin for any sort of product. employ it When T-Shirt Designer, commerce Card Designer, Device Designer….no limits!
You do not need any vectors files for the plugin, you just set png images for your elements and you tell the plugin which segment may be colorized by one user. if its can be colorized, one image will be converted in a HTML5 canvas segment.

  • Converts png files in HTML5 canvas for colorization
  • Let a user add custom texts to the product
  • enlarge unlimited motives
  • Colorizable elements by static colors or colorpicker
  • Let one user drag, move, omit or rotate a section
  • brilliant API to integrate it in any Shop System
  • enlarge unlimited custom fonts to a font dropdown, you only need a woff file of your font



liennguyen Offline

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17.11.2017 09:23
#2 RE: Ability to stronger competition with booking services system Antworten

Visit BSSCommerce one step checkout magento 2 to enhance customers' experience in your e-commerce site :D

wadewilson Offline

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05.01.2018 08:53
#3 RE: Ability to stronger competition with booking services system Antworten
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