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15.02.2019 06:42
Let’s find out who Corey Antworten

Davis is before saying he needs to be Mike Evans So yesterday Mike Evans looked like the stud receiver that he is in practice and all of a sudden everyone is talking about Corey Davis again. People are talking about how Davis isn’t as good as he should be after being the #5 pick or how he needs to pretty much just quit practicing for the Titans and go follow Evans around on the practice field (OK Authentic Jayon Brown Jersey , no one really said that).Here’s the thing, Corey Davis just needs to be Corey Davis. He has done nothing but produce when he has been healthy. Last year he was dominating at the beginning of camp before he got hurt. This year he has been consistently dominating in camp including yesterday when everyone was talking about how well he was doing in the joint practice with the Buccaneers, but at some point the discussion changed to how he isn’t as good as Evans. Well you know what , Davis isn’t as good as Evans and that’s OK right now. Evans is entering his 5th season in the league and has been fairly healthy. He has played in at least 15 games in each of his first 4 seasons. Davis, in case you didn’t know, is entering his 2nd season and only played in 11 games his first year. He has time to “live up to the #5 pick.”So let’s just slow the comparison down for a minute. Let’s give Davis a season or 2 of good health and with a competent offense before we start screaming and yelling about HE NEEDS TO BE AS GOOD AS THE GUY THAT IS PRACTICING MERE FEET AWAY FROM HIM!!!!11Colts GM announces Andrew Luck “good to go” for training camp Colts’ GM Chris Ballard announced today that Andrew Luck is good to go for the start of training camp. Luck hasn’t played in a game in well over a year and hasn’t thrown a football very much before the last few weeks (possibly). Ballard did say that Luck wouldn’t be throwing for 7 straight days right now Tennessee Titans T-Shirt , but barring any setbacks Luck will be ready for the start of the season.This is obviously big news for the Colts. They are probably a playoff contender with Luck and a 4-6 win team without him. I will miss the Jacoby Brissett-led Colts.The AFC South is going to be no joke this season. You have 3 really good quarterbacks in Luck, Marcus Mariota and Deshaun Watson and one team with a terrible quarterback but an elite defense. Gone are the days of the AFC South being the laughing stock of the league. Don’t be surprised if 3 teams from the division make the playoffs. How awesome would it be if the Jags were the one team that didn’t make it??

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