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...2018 Football Outsiders Awards - Football OutsidersWhich playoff team is most likely to miss the postseason in 2019? (Last Year’s Winner: Buffalo Bills) — The Cowboys finished the regular season at 10-6 Youth Jalen Mills Jersey , but that includes a 9-3 record in games decided by eight points or less. With more typical luck in close contests, they likely would have missed the playoffs entirely. They share a division with the Eagles, who once again won a playoff game with their backup quarterback, and Washington, who might have won the division if their quarterback hadn’t ruined his leg. The road back to the postseason will be a tough one.Carson Wentz and Alshon Jeffery sat next to each other during the Sixers’ win over the Lakers - BGNSunday’s game between the Philadelphia 76ers and Los Angeles Lakers further disputed the idea that Wentz and Jeffery aren’t on good terms. Philly’s franchise quarterback and No. 1 wide receiver sat side-by-side at the Wells Fargo Center yesterday afternoon (as pictured above this story). Wentz and Jeffery also got their picture taken with The Answer, Allen Iverson.The Kist & Solak Show #78: Eagles 7 Round Mock - BGN RadioMichael Kist and Benjamin Solak both ran simulations and came out with a 7 Round Mock for the Philadelphia Eagles 2019 NFL Draft haul! PLUS Golden Tate’s tweets and is Jordan Hicks going to test the market? All that and more! Powered by SB Nation and Bleeding Green Nation.Eagles Pro Bowl OG Brandon Brooks tweets progress of surgically repaired Achilles - PhillyVoiceSo, that begs the question, is getting rid of your cast and scooter 25 days after surgery normal, or does that progress exceed expectations?I asked a doctor. He said, “As expected.” So there you go.A Couple of No’s - Iggles BlitzTate had a couple of tweets that made it seem like he hasn’t heard from the Eagles and is a bit frustrated. It never felt likely that Tate would sign an extension. He is at his best in the slot. The Eagles have Nelson Agholor for that role. If Tate had come here and somehow been a perfect fit, that would have changed things. Then you find the money and pay the man. That wasn’t the case. Tate was an awkward fit. The Eagles will now let him walk in free agency and hope to get a 4th or 5th round comp pick in 2020. Tate does have real value for some team.Offseason Roster Needs Start At Line Of Scrimmage - PE.comOn the defensive side, end Brandon Graham is scheduled to be an unrestricted free agent and there’s no word on whether the Eagles can bring him back. Same with defensive tackle Haloti Ngata, who signed a one-year contract in the 2018 free agency period. Furthermore, the Eagles need to add to this position group – end to end. They need more to help Fletcher Cox at defensive tackle. They need more depth at defensive end – it will certainly help when Derek Barnett returns to full health.Eagles Mailbag: Trying to predict the team in five years - NBCSPThat means in February of 2024, so we’re through the 2023 season, which sounds like it’s about 50 years in the future. Will there be flying cars yet? Anyway, here’s my answer: Carson Wentz, Derek Barnett, Fletcher Cox. Wentz was the easiest one. He’s going to get a mega deal this offseason or next offseason and if he’s as good as the Eagles think he’s going to be, he’s not going anywhere for a long time. Don’t even worry about the contract. If he’s an MVP-level player, the Eagles will pay. Barnett might be an interesting answer, but his contract runs through the 2020 season and since he was a first-round pick, he’ll have a fifth-year option for 2021. Then I’m kind of assuming the next contract extension would get him to this target date. And Cox is under contract through the 2023 season , although he’d probably need to extend before then. He’s 28 but just had the best season of his NFL career in 2019. His cap number goes kind of crazy over the next three years, but the Eagles can’t afford to lose him.Predicting offseason dominoes: 7 free agents who could cause ripples - ESPNThe Patriots sign Golden Tate to a two-year, $22 million deal. With Rob Gronkowski potentially retiring and Chris Hogan a free agent, New England probably needs to add a receiver this offseason. Coordinator Josh McDaniels might also change the offense post-Gronk, and adding 30-year-old Golden Tate would likely produce more spread looks with two excellent slot receivers in Tate and Julian Edelman.McCourtys Tell All About Super Bowl LIII: From Flores’s Plays to Hoyer’s Crucial Role - Sports Illustrated10. Just a friendly reminder on the Nick Foles situation in Philly—the team can shop Foles around now as if he’s on the franchise tag, which will land at about $25 million for quarterbacks. The window to tag players opens a week from tomorrow, and closes on March 5. By then, Philly should know whether moving Foles on the tag is feasible. And have a deal worked out if it is. If they can’t get something worked out, or at least know that getting a deal is a certainty by March 5? Then, they let him walk and take the comp pick next year.The Five Most Fascinating Takeaways From the American Alliance of Football’s Debut - The RingerThe Alliance of American Football made a bold gamble. It bet that Americans would sit on their couches this weekend, turn on their television sets, see that football games were on between teams they’d never heard of in a league they didn’t know existed, and think “Hey, it’s been too long since I watched a football game, let’s check this out!” The AAF hoped Americans would feel this way exactly five days after the Super Bowl. That gamble appears to have paid off. Millions of Americans tuned in to watch teams like the Arizona Hotshots, Birmingham Iron, and San Diego Fleet kick off the new minor league’s first week of action. Actually, they didn’t kick anything off—there are no kickoffs in this league, for player-safety reasons. Still, we’re intrigued. What were the most notable things about a weekend of weird rules, weirder logos, and an alarming amount of Christian Hackenberg?Highlighting top “buyer beware” free agents in 2019 - PFFRB LeVeon Bell — Le’Veon Bell is really good at his job. He’s not a free agent to avoid because of his talent; he’s a free agent to avoid because of his asking price. As PFF’s Eric Eager detailed here, running backs are replaceable in today’s NFL and lack value as a result. Bell falls into that category regardless of how successful he was before he sat out the 2018 season. The soon-to-be 27-year-old back wowed us with high grades in his first five years in the league , but his current contract projection (Four years, $60 million, $33 million GTD, per Jason Fitzgerald) is simply too high given his positional value.NFL future power rankings: Step aside, Patriots. It’s time for the Colts and Chiefs - SB Nation7) The Eagles’ cap situation isn’t as dire as it looks, but their chance at getting better this offseason will depend most on how well they do with three picks in the first two rounds. If Carson Wentz is healthy for 16 games in 2019, he’s an MVP-level quarterback who will make the Eagles tough to beat. But Philadelphia was an average team on offense and defense for most of 2018 and doesn’t have many opportunities this spring to fix that....Social Media Information:BGN Facebook Page: Click here to like our pageBGN Twitter: Follow @BleedingGreenBGN Manager: Brandon Lee Gowton: Follow @BrandonGowtonBGN Radio Twitter: Follow @BGN_Radio WinnersUsThe season was electric. Every game mattered — often too much, with too close a margin of victory, or too maddening a mistake at the end to give away the win. The players were inspired. Lane Johnson took every slight personally; Jalen Mills brought out a second season-saving mask; Nick Foles did what only he can do in the biggest moments. We watched the Philadelphia Eagles defend their first ever title with heart, with gratitude, and with fearlessness. I could not be prouder to root for this squad.The New Orleans SaintsI’m happy for Drew Brees and Drew Brees alone.Alshon JefferyWe are only one season removed from Alshon — injury-prone and once suspended — playing on a one-year prove-it deal. If you can remember back far enough, Alshon was pretty decently criticized in the early goings of 2017 — I was one such critic — as he transitioned onto the team. Little did we know about the torn rotator cuff. Little did we know about what a security blanket he would become for Nick Foles; what a trusty sidekick he was in the hero story that number 9 wrote. And today — while we knew little about the broken ribs, we knew plenty about heroic sideline grabs, impossible body contortions, dominant play.Alshon became everything the Eagles signed up for, and so much more. An avid Sixer fan, an impassioned force against his ex-team in the wild card round, and a quiet leader. Alshon is a winner, and he was told as such by every member of the team on the sideline after things just didn’t bounce his way.Fletcher CoxCox ends the year with career numbers in sacks, TFLs, QB hits, pressures — pretty much every interesting rush stat we have, Cox topped out on this season. The effect of his play against the Saints was obvious — when he was in , he was home-wreckin’. Dude gutted it out with what is likely a significant foot injury, and deserves the lion’s share of the credit for the defensive stop that got the Eagles the ball back down 6 the first time.Cox remains an elite player at the DT position, whose dominance is overshadowed by the otherworldly play of Aaron Donald on the Rams. The delta between the two is likely closer than we realize.Doug PedersonIt’s easy to forget this: Pederson was hired first and foremost because of his relationships with players. His love for Alshon Jeffery on the sideline, telling him how proud he was of him, was a swift and forceful reminder. I don’t think there’s a coach in this league — the dispassionate Belichick, the youthful McVay, the wily Payton, the even-keeled Reid — who could have rallied this team the way Pederson has, twice in two postseasons.We will remember him as a special coach.Jim SchwartzEasy to blame Jim Schwartz for a lot of stuff. We’ve done it all year.But 20 points is the lowest scoring total for the Saints at home this season, and they weren’t wanting for opportunities — they kicked two red zone field goals and got up against a 4th and goal on one touchdown drive.Again, the main complaint must be those close-but-not-quites, as teams continue to convert 3rd and long and an outstanding rate against the Eagles, and they can never seem to get off the field late. But Schwartz looked down the barrel of yet another starter at CB — practice-squader Josh Hawkins — and didn’t even blink. His run defenses remain tremendously aggressive and his pass-rush creates high leverage plays. Schwartz is comfortably a Top-5 DC in the league.Rasul DouglasCre’von LeBlancNobody better leveraged sudden playing time into a roster spot next year than LeBlanc — and plenty had their opportunities, too! While the early interception was more so the product of a poor throw than anything else, LeBlanc has proven for the past few weeks to be physical in the contact window, aggressive addressing the football at the catch point, and a willing tackler.Where does LeBlanc fit on the team next season? It depends a bit on Ronald Darby, I suppose. An impeding free agent, Darby returning to the team next year would crowd the CB room (Darby, Mills, Jones, Douglas, Maddox) and Philadelphia would need a sixth CB spot to keep LeBlanc on.If Darby walks Youth Jordan Hicks Jersey , however, you can almost pen LeBlanc in for that spot. Jake ElliottEvery time he hasn’t missed a kick this season, I’ve put him up here on the winner list, so.LosersMy lucky Eagles Christmas sweaterNow 4-1 over its careerBrandon BrooksMan. Total devastation for a player who is the quiet stud on this squad. Every team has one and Brooks — so funny in the locker room, so blunt with the media — played at a level worthy of the recognition he didn’t receive this year. Now, he’s likely to miss out next season on Pro Bowl and All-Pro bids, as his earliest projected return date is October. Brooks popped his right Achilles on a gut-wrenching play early, and the Eagles’ offense wasn’t the same after him. He’s only a loser because he was lost for the contest; in everything Brooks has done for this team, he’s a winner. Nick FolesAs much as I’m loathe to, I actually have to drop some analysis in the column.Foles played a poor game on Sunday, and unlike the Bears game, his weapons weren’t enough to help him out. He pushed the ball downfield into tight windows with too much aggression, when he was previously so good at taking the easy stuff that defenses let develop short. He lost some of his touch outside the numbers, when previously he was magically accurate up against the sideline. He fell out of rhythm and touch every so often, which led to late and inaccurate balls against coverage that had rallied.Foles leaves Philadelphia nothing short of a champion, and deserves better than my feeble loser column. His January legend will be told to children only second to that of the actual Saint Nick in December. His greatest play will always be remembered here, in midnight green, under the lights of the Linc that he loved so much.I dunnosWhat to do with myselfNow that Eagle football is over

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