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28.02.2019 12:49
How to Attach Files to Product Pages in Magento 2? Antworten

Are you selling complex products in your Magento 2 store? Do your customers feel the need to get more details about the products you are selling? Do you want to attach additional files to enrich your product pages and provide more details about the products? If yes, FMEextensions provide an ideal solution as it offers a feature-rich extension to attach file to product in Magento 2.

Product knowledge is undoubtedly one of the most important components of an online store. Customers certainly would like to get a complete understanding of the functionality, features, and other details of the product before buying it. Easy access to this knowledge greatly contributes to the increase in the product's sales. It also makes their purchase decision much easier.

Magento 2 product attachments extension by FME is a feature-rich and easy-to-use tool to attach downloadable files to products & CMS pages. It allows Magento 2 merchants to provide complete product knowledge to their customers in the form of various files. They can attach manuals, user guides, how to use videos, licenses, and prices etc. Merchants are allowed to upload various file types that include PDF, PPT, Docs and others. They can also add links and videos as attachments. All in all, this extension offers everything required to provide to your customers in terms of product knowledge. Let’s have a look at the different features this extension provides.

Attach as many files as you want

The extension does not limit you as to how many files you can attach to a particular product. You can attach a word document, a PDF file, a PPT presentation, a video and a link to one product at the same time.

Supports a variety of file types

As mentioned above, FME’s product attachments extension supports all file types be it PPT, PDF, images, audio or video or links.

A separate file download page

With this extension, Magento 2 merchants can also create a dedicated file download page to display all the downloadable files. It facilitates customers to view all the files on one page. Admins can also create categories and sub-categories to place the files under their relevant categories.

Display Attractive file icons

Display relevant file icons to make them look attractive and easily recognizable. The extension lets you upload icons and specify the extensions to be associated with that icon. Upon uploading file of that extension, the extension automatically displays the icon.

Restrict by customer groups & store views

Magento 2 file download extension also allows you to restrict the attached files to specific customer groups and store views.

Set file download limit

To avoid more than a specific number of downloads, you can set a download limit for each file. When that limit is reached, the file will no longer be downloadable.

Display file size & download counter

You can display file size and the number of downloads against each attached file. This helps customers to see how big the file is before downloading it.

Configuration settings

FME module for product attachments offers a set of configuration options such as changing text for product attachments tab/heading, showing/hiding file description etc.

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