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28.05.2019 05:52
NFL players make a boat load of money. Antworten

NFL players make a boat load of money. Actually Foster Moreau Jersey , they make a few boatloads of money. And they enjoy it lavishly as they glide gently atop pristine waters in 80 degree temperature with no humidity. There are no hurricanes where they sail, only a few passing thunderstorms when the NFL fines them for an illegal hit or a rude gesture. And best of all, their boat runs off of solar energy, and it's sunny 99 percent of the time they're on the water!Then they retire...from boating, of course. They get old. They get injured. And suddenly the waters get a bit choppy. More thunderstorms keep passing by. The world tilts and hurricanes, usually passing harmlessly to their south, now travel further north where that NFL player sails. In other words, they begin to go broke, and more often than not , that NFL player is going down with their ship much sooner than they had expected. According to some reports, at least 78 percent of NFL players declare bankruptcy within five years of retirement.Overspending. Short careers. Inadequate financial knowledge. Arrogance. Pressure. These are just a few of the reasons NFL players declare bankruptcy so soon after their playing days. And many of these problems are difficult to correct. For example, you can teach a player how to better spend their money, but if they're arrogant or are easily pressured, how valuable is all that education. Answer: Not much.Every season, the media digs up examples of players who overspend or are hazed or pressured into doing something they don't want to do. The list we've put together includes a number of absurd gifts NFL players have given to their teammates, which gives weight to the argument they go bankrupt for a variety of reasons. For fun, we took liberties with the type of gifts they give. Some are really expensive. Some are funny and some will probably make you squirm in your seat. Nevertheless, they all have one thing in common. They are outrageous. An NFL off-season that promised action and personnel turnover has certainly delivered thus far Shareef Miller Jersey , bringing a frenzied start to free agency and some major circulation along the league's QB carousel. With so much player movement, it's only logical that cap space would be at a premium and tough roster decisions would need to be made. Surely enough, some big name veterans have already become cap casualties through cold, hard roster cuts.You could make a pretty decent NFL roster out of players who have already been shown their walking papers this off-season. Jordy Nelson, Ndamukong Suh, Tyrann Mathieu, Doug Martin, Jonathan Stewart, Richard Sherman Zach Brown Jersey , Michael Crabtree, Tamba Hali, Marcedes Lewis, Muhammad Wilkerson, DeMarco Murray and Adrian Peterson are just some of the star-caliber talents to get the pink slip since the Super Bowl. Most of those players have landed on their feet elsewhere, thus demonstrating that they were jettisoned for their contract more so than their play.And we may not be done yet. With big ticket names still available, teams forever looking for that missing piece and plenty of inflated contracts clogging up cap room, more cuts are surely ahead. Some clubs can look forward to increased cap savings if they designate a player as a post-June 1st cut, making that a significant day to watch for further waiver wire action. Additionally Devin Bush Jersey , and especially as we draw closer to the NFL Draft starting on April 26th, there will surely be front offices looking to negotiate restructured contracts with their higher paid players. If the player is resistant, as was the case with Adam "Pacman" Jones of the Cincinnati Bengals, the team is left with little choice but to cut them loose. All of this to say, more cuts are surely coming. And we have some suggestions as to the most likely candidates.

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