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13.07.2019 08:13
Bai Juyi wrote "Q Antworten

Bai Juyi wrote "Q Liu 19", although short and very affectionate, "green ants new wine, red mud small stove. Late days, snow, can drink a cup?" The situation is really wonderful. Three or five friends surrounded the small stove, drinking freshly brewed wine, smashing the color, admiring the snow flakes, casual chat in Tiannanhaibei. Want to come to the winter, there should be a warm flame, there are snow all over the sky, but also a few strains of waxy plums to spread the fragrance, not too long and cold. As for the wine, it can be removed. The chill in the deep winter air invades the skin through the clothes, and then continually flows through the body. The whole person feels cold and the mood will always be lost. I think there should always be a stove or a brazier in the winter. Once the farmhouse is cold in the winter, it will be placed in the house. Then everyone will chat around the brazier. In comparison, the winter in the cement room is not cold. However, due to the new move, this winter is still good Parliament Cigarettes. There was a simple wooden shed beside the house, a few chairs, and the wall was painted with a quick white paint. Later, it was known to be used for movies. In the summer, I used to take a cool place. When I was in the cold winter, I used a wooden board to block it. I placed a brazier to heat it. The winter is cold, and there is always a flame, and people who have nothing to do often sit down. I also like to sit there, they always talk about the trivial life, I sit quietly on the side, or take a book to see. Feeling the constant warmth from the flames, warming the body affected by the chill, it is a thing to enjoy. Looking up, the shed outside is cold and dark, but in this small place it is warm and bright. I think the snowy winter is more perfect, but unfortunately it is always difficult to see. Even if the mountains occasionally accumulate some snow, it is difficult to see the snow fluttering in the sky, the earth is a white scene, and the snowman is even more impossible. Therefore, although I know that the northern cities are very cold, I still envy them. It can be so close to the snow, not the book, or the distance from the screen. In the winter in the north, I moved a bamboo and rattan chair during the day, holding a small stove and sitting under the gallery, drinking a cup of hot tea, watching the flying snowflakes quietly, free and easy, quiet and quiet. At night, the window is opened, so that the snow shines in. It is very quiet. I want to come to study in the snowy night It should be very good. When I used to pass the old book to pass the time, I found a few clips in the book page. The dark flowers are no longer fragrant Cheap Cigarettes. I still remember that winter, the warm afternoon of the sun, because I heard that the newly built park Lamei was very good, I ran with joy. On the lawn, there is a tree and a plum, and the fragrance and the smell of the winter sun linger at the tip of the nose. I was going to wait only for a moment under the tree, but I still couldn��t get away with that Lamei was too beautiful. After all, I still picked up my toes. The beige petals were stunned and fell, a flower rain. The dark fragrance was full of sleeves Newport 100S, and the clothes worn on the day were not allowed to be washed. Carefully put the flowers in the favorite pages, at that time probably think that this can retain its beauty. Chunshengji, busy with the beginning of the year; summer is hot, busy with sweating; autumn is cool, busy with mature harvest. The fire in the surrounding fire, the snow in the house or the leisure of the plum blossoms Marlboro Gold, is especially winter. Every winter is a quiet watc
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