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12.08.2019 09:05
the glitz, forgetting, Antworten

the glitz, forgetting, forgetting who I am if I want to thoroughly understand the heart of late autumn, and collect this sorrowful touch Take her hand and go for a walk in the wild. On Yunmeng Mountain, I love the water Newport Cigarettes, sitting on the autumn floor, looking up at the starry sky, thinking about the beautiful love story of the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl "Ying Ying Yi Shui, the veins are not spoken", an earth-moving kiss will gently squat on the autumn The hairpin. In front of Fenglin and Xiaoxi, I deeply realized the artistic conception of the ancient poet Wang Wei, "Jingxi Baishi, the cold and the red leaves are thin." I thought about Song Yu��s "sorrowful autumn and qi also! Xiaosha In the sunset, in the sunset, silently reading Bai Pu's "The lonely village, the sunset, the light smoke, the old tree jackdaw, a little flying under the shadow", the ancients said well: "There is a wine now drunk", "Mo Jinyu Empty to the moon, find a quiet place, and drink it with the late autumn, invite Wang Jian to cook a drink together, "Tonight, the moon is full of people, I don't know who the fall is." In the osmanthus wine in the month, the water string flows into the Milky Way, who says "borrowing wine is more embarrassing"? It is still too light, not drunk in the depths. Li Bai Shi is frustrated, and he is scornful of "white hair three thousand feet, the edge is like a long"! If he is not drunk, how can he get the phrase "The Son of Heaven is not coming to the ship, claiming that he is a wine sage?" Let's wake up where it is, don't get drunk! How can you not pity the current autumn style of the moment! How can I miss the clear picture on the opposite side Parliament Cigarettes, and pretend to be free and easy to talk about it again in the coming year! How many autumns can you wait for in your life? Who knows the wind of tomorrow will be what color will travel in the late autumn, in the days when the early winter is coming, give her a gift, pull a piece of white clouds, ���ɴ for the silk thread, clear the wind for the cut, make a A piece of neon, pick a few stars on the diamond, draped gently to the autumn, the wind to cover the wind, sleep peacefully. In the coming year, when you go to the station in late summer to welcome her, open the luggage suitcase, you will find that last year's clothes are covered with Acacia tears! This is not for anything else, just because she is a little poem in my heart that is so sad! Like a beautiful woman with a jade body injury, although the clothes are broken and fragrant, but her beauty is not at all less, but it seems very moving. In other words, if there is no such thing as her bleak, cold, sorrowful, lonely Carton Of Cigarettes, and acacia... Can life be as rich and rich as a wine brewed for many years? Finally, it will be combined with the late autumn to record the unforgettable colors of the year. In the four seasons album? Autumn column, isn't this a very interesting life album?
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