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28.08.2019 11:53

Princess Masako, a brilliant student, promising a glorious professional future, had to give up her personal ambition to serve the nation or, rather, the Emperor's lineage: to be queen with stifling rituals. of the king's family! On the date of Masako's wedding on June 9, 1999, the entire people believed that Japan would engage in modern times, 25 years after the queen was a prisoner of the system, imprisoned in the palace, severing contact with the people.
Born in 1963 to the Owada family in Tokyo, at the age of 2, she followed her family to settle in Russia for a few years to immigrate to the US: her grandfather, a diplomat, was appointed deputy ambassador in United Nation. Since then, with her two younger sisters, she often goes on summer vacations in France and Germany, always learning languages ​​easily. Fluent in foreign languages, diligent, ambitious, she has all the virtues to attend any university. After high school, in 1981, at the age of 18, she was admitted to the economics department at Harvard University. Outstanding students, she wished to one day at least gain an important position in the foreign ministry. The professor, William Bosert, who guided her at the time, remembers her economic presentations far beyond expectations. At the same time, like socializing, she attended many student-organized organizations, promising to lead to a brilliant future. She graduated magna cum laude in 1985 and continued studying law at Tokyo University. At the same time, she signed up to learn traditional Japanese cuisine not to be a good wife but to take precautions when being appointed abroad: every diplomat must promote the advantages of her country! In 1986, Masako achieved the dream goal: matriculated with 28 students out of 800 attending the foreign ministry, she became one of the minister's writers. But ... an envelope imprinted with the imperial palace shattered all her dreams, completely changing the long-term dream. street view

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17.12.2019 09:15
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I love your blog! I am hoping to see more articles from you in the foreseeable future. Really great!!!
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