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elaine95 Offline

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07.09.2019 10:06
jersey]Dre'Mont Jones Antworten

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is not ready to pass judgment on Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill.Goodell was interviewed by Sam Ponder of ESPN after prosecutors declined to charge Hill with child abuse but before audio emerged of Hill and his fiancée discussing the allegations that Hill abused their son D.K. Metcalf Jersey , leaving him with a broken arm. Goodell said he doesn’t have the facts.“Well you should wait and get the facts. That’s the first thing you should do, Sam. I mean, you know, they don’t have any information that they’re willing to share with us. When you get the facts, then you make a decision about how it fits into our personal conduct policy. But you don’t rush to judgment Nick Bosa Jersey , and you don’t make a decision without having those facts,” Goodell said.But the NFL has previously acted without waiting for all the facts to emerge. When Reuben Foster was accused of domestic violence last season, he was placed on the commissioner’s exempt list immediately, without waiting for an investigation. After police investigated Foster wasn’t charged, and after the NFL investigated the league decided not to suspend Foster.There’s nothing stopping Goodell from putting Hill on the exempt list based solely on the information currently available to him , which includes the fact that Hill’s son was removed from his home by child protective services. Goodell may think “wait and get the facts” sounds high-minded, but the NFL’s past actions have shown that there is no such requirement. From time to time over the years, NFL teams have illustrated the blueprint for beating the Patriots. Most recently, the Titans have done it.So will other teams try to do what the Patriots have done?It’s a topic that was discussed on Sunday by Rodney Harrison, Tony Dungy Dre'Mont Jones Jersey , Mike Tirico, and yours truly from the set of , along a couple of other subjects. (The segment wraps with an extended presentation of the efforts, or lack thereof, of the four of us to master the NASCAR simulator at NBC.)For me , the biggest question is this: Do other teams not borrow the concepts others have used to beat the Patriots because they can’t, or because they don’t want to? Coaches have fairly sizable egos, and they like to do things their own way. And even if their way is objectively inferior to what, for example, Titans coach Mike Vrabel did to the Patriots Hakeem Butler Jersey , those other coaches will be the last ones to admit it.Even after they lose. Which won’t matter anyway because by then it will be too late.

PaulCastro Offline

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25.11.2019 15:46
#2 RE: jersey]Dre'Mont Jones Antworten

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BobbyJohnson Offline

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07.02.2020 14:15
#3 BobbyJohnson Antworten

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JenniferOster Offline

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04.03.2020 13:13
#4 RE: BobbyJohnson Antworten

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Denise Salazar Offline

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18.03.2020 20:31
#5 RE: BobbyJohnson Antworten

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tonny ken Offline

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27.03.2020 11:01
#6 RE: BobbyJohnson Antworten

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Denise Salazar Offline

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06.04.2020 21:36
#7 RE: BobbyJohnson Antworten

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