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06.11.2019 08:44
Fourteen years old Antworten

Fourteen years old is the age of youth, the age of poetry, the age of the pattern, and the age of dreams. I am in this kind of years. When my QQ avatar turns into a colorful cloud, when I mention the cloud again and again in the composition, or when I often look up at the big blank in the sky, when my thoughts fly, I find that I have become fond of watching clouds. . What I love to watch is its ever-changing posture. When the dragons are plunging, the scales are flying; when the eagle is trying to test the wings, the wind and dust are sucking; when the tigers are down the mountain, the mighty courts; when the flowers are the first, the emperor; Such as Wan Ma Qi Ben, fighting high spirits ... it looks like a variety of appearances, causing me to associate. It is sometimes lighter than the tulle, sometimes it seems to be condensed; it is sometimes white as jade, sometimes red as fire, and sometimes dark as ink. That is the mood of its rapid change. Think about it, I am fourteen years old, not just like this cloud, floating in the sky of life, carrying dreams and hopes, drifting into the distance. In the boundless sky Marlboro Lights, I am a small cloud, a cloud that can't help but wind. Any gust of wind can change my course. However, I will eventually reach the ideal shore. Because my goal has not changed, my heart has not changed. . My footsteps are always obsessively moving towards ideals, and my heart is always toward hope. Xiaguang, night can change my color, but the cloud is still cloud, I am still me, I appreciate the quality of the cloud, and firmly guard the faith Carton Of Cigarettes. The cloud, rushing in, and hurriedly leaving, leaving no trace, I, is a man who hastily rushed on the road of life, fourteen years old, is a ladder on the road, bid farewell to childhood, to youth. On the long road of life, you should not care too much about each step. After all, this is too tired and too difficult; however, you must value every step, otherwise, it will become a thousand years of hatred. Clouds float in the sky, constantly absorbing water vapor; I walk on the road of life, constantly aiming at it. However, the water vapor can't be too much, otherwise it will rain and lose more; the goal and the ideal can't be too much, it will only heavyen your footsteps Newport Cigarettes Coupons, and even drag you down, the ideal baggage, too heavy, will break, So that all goals are lost. Clouds cannot lose water vapor. Similarly, people cannot lose their ideals. At different times, ideals will change, goals will change, and ideals will be lost. But they will also degenerate their lives and destroy humanity. Water vapor creates clouds, ideal for humans. Looking up to the ever-changing clouds in the sky, I silently wish, wishing the clouds carry my ideals and drifting into the distance. Fourteen years old, the same age as the cloud. Life, the same blue of the age of fourteen, I became love to see the clouds
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