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yefdu sabg ( Gast )

12.11.2019 11:20 Antworten

Keto Prime Diet disordered eating during those periods in your life and it sounds like you've come a long way in your recovery since then in the sense that you really want to do right by yourself now and not restrict and deprive quote-unquote self-imposed famine and famine that happens for external reasons it just knows that it's deprived and starving and in danger and so your body reacts to that right and it's really great that your conscious mind is not putting your body through that any more as trying to help you not restrict again but it also sounds from your question like you still do have a bit of a restrictive mindset in some ways there's this diet mentality there that I think you know all of us have to some degree and have to really work to root out and that stems from internalized diet culture beliefs from growing up in this oppressive culture which is diet culture that sucks all of us in from such a young age so the things that are standing out

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