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omegamaxx keto weight and since I have been having so many weeks in a row where it's like some days I'm on track some days I'm eating because we're doing different things I really do feel like it's time for me to it's like refocus you know my phone is blowing up um it's time for me to refocus for one of the holidays are coming and I don't want to like overindulge and getting a bunch of weight and then for two it's like my birthday is like literally in six months and your girl's gonna be 35 and I am calling this year my 35 a year so I have some like real goals about how you know what I want to do and stuff and I'm gonna talk to you guys about their own way by Wednesday but yes I have some girls or whatever but I'm just not as focused right now because it's the holidays so it's like when we had something inward and they're like hey we're having lunch

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