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02.12.2019 08:17
e anything Mike Tannenbaum says, though? Just last week he was endorsing Justin Herbert Antworten

Dolphins with impressive Week 1 victory versus Titans in longest game ever played The Miami Dolphins beat the...lightning delay....Tennessee Titans on Sunday...lightning move to 1-0 on the season. The start and stop of the game Minkah Fitzpatrick Jersey , which officially was timed as 7 hours, 8 minutes long, turned a normal Week 1 season opener into the longest game played in the NFL since at least the NFL-AFL merger in 1970. There was a 1 hour, 57 minute delay in the first half, which was only outdone by the 2 hour, 2 minute delay in the second.While the incredible delay was the main story for the game, the Dolphins actually looked pretty impressive throughout most of the game. There were times where they looked like a team playing their first game of the year or were coming back from a random two-hour break in the middle of play, but overall, it was fairly impressive.Ryan Tannehill returned to a regular season game for the first time since December 2016, and he looked sharp for most of the game. He finished the game 20-for-28 for 230 yards with 2 touchdowns and 2 interceptions, giving him an 89.9 passer rating. He had some absolutely gorgeous throws, including a 75-yard touchdown pass to Kenny Stills. That said, his two interceptions were both ugly. The first interception came on what should have been a jump ball to tight end Mike Gesicki, but was badly underthrown, with Malcolm Butler coming away with the pick. “It was on me. Completely on me,” Tannehill said of the pick after the game. “We had a one-on-one matchup there and I have to find a way to get him a better football.”The second interception came on an overthrow, where Tannehill was looking deep toward Jakeem Grant, but the two players appeared to not be on the same page, with either Grant cutting the route or Tannehill throwing to the wrong spot. Kenny Vaccaro came away with that pick. “I thought he was good,” head coach Adam Gase said of Tannehill after the game. “We had it rolling there for a little bit. We’ll clean up some of the turnovers and maybe some of the mistakes. He didn’t make too many. It was good to see him back out there. He knocked around a little bit, but did a good job of bouncing right back up.”Tannehill was sacked once and had a scary moment where he was hit in his left knee as he released a pass. Tannehill fell to the turf, then got up and limped as he ran off the field Kenny Stills Jersey , grimacing when he got to the sideline. However, it appeared the brace on his surgically repaired knee did its job, as he did not miss a snap.Miami’s run game may have been the most impressive part of the offense, with Kenyan Drake and Frank Gore both getting the start in a two-back set. Drake carried the ball 14 times for 48 yards, while Gore added 9 carries for 61 yards. They finished with a combined average of 4.7 yards-per-carry, though there was a large chunk of the game where they were around 8- or 9-yards-per-carry. The Titans defense started to respond in the second half, so Miami shied away from the run and turned more to Tannehill’s right arm, but Miami’s running backs were strong throughout the game, and the offensive line was impressive in their run blocking.Jakeem Grant led the team with five receptions, picking up 38 yards, while Kenny Stills had the biggest day with four receptions for 106 yards with two touchdowns. “Kenny does a great job for us,” Tannehill said. “He is versatile, we can move him around all over the place, he knows exactly what to do. He helps get the other guys lined up. He’s been in this offense for going on three years now, so he’s the veteran guy of the group as far as with the offense, and he is able to kind of lead that room and get them in the right spots. There’s the intangible part of it, and then also physically he’s very talented, fast, smooth, good hands, able to get down field. He did a great job on the first [touchdown] of catching it, getting the edge Reshad Jones Jersey , turning up, and finding the end zone. The second one, [Tennessee] played quarters for us, and he was able to run the post, run by the corner, made a good strong catch through contact and was able to finish in the end zone.”The Dolphins did exactly what they said they wanted to do, spreading the ball between multiple receivers throughout the game, rather than rely primarily on one player, with Danny Amendola picking up four receptions for 26 yards, Albert Wilson and Kenyan Drake each having three receptions for 31 and 18 yards, respectively, and Mike Gesicki recording his first NFL reception on an 11 yard gain.Grant also added a 102-yard kickoff return touchdown. On defense, the Dolphins had some solid play throughout most of the day. The Titans were able to rush for 116 yards on a 4.0 yards per carry average while passing for 220 yards, but they averaged just 5.8 yards per pass compared to 7.7 yards for the Dolphins. Marcus Mariota and Blaine Gabbert also combine for three interceptions, with Reshad Jones recording two of those and Kiko Alonso coming up with the other. T.J. McDonald led theteam with eight tackles, followed by Jones with seven, including 1.5 tackles for a loss. Alonso, Raekwon McMillan, Jerome Baker, and Minkah Fitzpatrick all recorded six tackles.The secondary was not as bad as was feared before the game, with Xavien Howard, Bobby McCain Michael Deiter Miami Dolphins Jerseys , Fitzpatrick, Jones, and McDonald being active throughout the game. Jones and McCain each broke up two passes, while Fitzpatrick recorded one pass breakup. Things were not perfect, and there were some moments where there was obvious confusion among the group or some coverage was off, but overall, they played well enough in their first game.“He’s definitely a tremendous asset,” defensive end Cameron Wake said of Fitzpatrick after the contest. “We said to the guys that were going to play, “rookies” ended whentraining camp ended. We expect you to play at a high level, and we expect you to play like a veteran football player, and he’s going out there, and he’s making plays every time he’s on the field. He’s getting better every day. I told him his first NFL game had to be the longest one in NFL history; but we got a W, so I think it was all worth it.”There are things for the Dolphins to clean up, and they will have to start getting it working now as the head into their first AFC East contest of the year, traveling to visit the New York Jets on Sunday, but they were impressive on Sunday for seven-plus hours. The brief winning streak was fun while it lasted. I know many fans believed we had a legitimate shot of increasing our streak to three wins on Sunday, but I just didn’t see it happening. The Dolphins put up a fight (which is really what we want to see this season) but were outplayed and outcoached by the the Buffalo Bills and it’s okay.I’m very hopeful for the future with our coaching staff, but with the amount of injured players we have, and lack of talent in general, I think we’ll be lucky to win one or two more games. It’s not me being negative but just being honest (I even wore my favorite jersey to try to bring us luck). Our team was stripped down for a reason. The Dolphins’ franchise is actually trying to rebuild the correct way and they told us fans to hang in there while they rebuild a winning organization. Yes, that tweet was from March, but it still applies to today. If you haven’t yet Miami Dolphins Jerseys 2019 , it’s time to fully embrace the rebuild. Try to find positives from each game and which players you think we should keep for the future and try not to worry about if we win or lose the game. I know I’ve discussed this each week, but each week I chat with fans who still are focused on winning and pay no attention to what Grier and Ross are trying to do for the future of the Dolphins. Of course this is all just my personal opinion and I’m sure many of you are rolling your eyes, but it’s the best approach for me when it comes to this season. Speaking of positives let’s look at what we can takeaway from yesterday’s game and other games around the NFL that may impact our future. Positive Takeaways from SundayYesterday’s game summed up in one tweet Jakeem Grant had his best day this season. His 101-yd touchdown was just beautiful. It was absolutely beautiful and it’s nice to have you back Grant. I don’t know about you, but our fan club broke out in cheers watching that return for a touchdown. DeVante Parker is out here each week showing everyone they were wrong about him. I stated this on my video recap, but very few people thought Parker would still be here this season. I was not a big supporter of his in the past, because he always seemed injured and overrated. However, I was clearly wrong. I apologize Parker. I can’t help but wonder just how much more he has to show us when our team can find a good quarterback (now that we have the right coaches). The Dolphins will not need to use a draft pick on a kicker, because Jason Sanders is our guy going forward. Those were basically the best parts of the game for me. Now, let’s look at other teams who lost/won and are helping our draft picks. The Steelers lost ( yay for draft pick), Falcons won (so they got pushed back to 8th draft spot which is good), Colts won (they are now slightly ahead of Texans which we want), Jets won (against Redskins tho), and Texans lost. The Bengals lost, which stinks, but they did score some points so maybe they can win a game or two? The Giants are still above us, at number three, but they do play the Bears and could win that game, as well as us in December. Check out to follow the draft order, but as of now we are still at number four. Quarterbacks/Draft/Dolphins TwitterThere was good news that came out today about Tua’s surgery and the outcome of it. There was a lot of discussion of comparing his injury to Bo Jackson’s injury, but some experts (according to Laura Rutledge reporting on Twitter) are saying it’s not the same case.Ultimately nobody knows what will happen. We just have to wait and see if he does indeed make a full recovery. I also do not agree with some who think he will go back to Alabama for another year. Watch this clip of Matt Miller explaining why it would be safe to say he is still declaring for the 2020 draft. If he did go back to Alabama he would lose out on the insurance money (if he drops to second round), so I just don’t see the argument of why he would remain. If you are a fan of Tua, like myself Michael Deiter Jersey Cheap , and he does recover and he is available at our pick, I say we take him. We could take him, let him sit for a year behind Fitz and Rosen and have time to fully recover while our team builds other positioning (you know like offensive line). You can say, “But he’s injury prone” all you want, but if he does make a full recovery, we absolutely can not pass on him. He is worth the pick to see if he’s the real deal. Passing on guys in the draft because of injuries sounds familiar, doesn’t it. I mean, he does look quite happy here in the clip. Thank you for this Houtz. It’s beautiful!If Tua does not recover from this hip injury, I’m not even sure who else I would want. I like Burrow, but I have a hard time seeing him being available when it’s our pick. I think the Bengals will snatch him up. The interesting thing about this off season is nobody has a clue of what our team is up to or any of the other losing to be honest. It’s all a guessing game. It’s going to be a very interesting 2020 draft. The only thing I’m sure about is how sick I will feel if the Patriots find a way to snag a top QB this draft. Can we really believe anything Mike Tannenbaum says, though? Just last week he was endorsing Justin Herbert as the top quarterback this upcoming draft, so now I have a hard time wanting to have him as our franchise quarterback. Yes, I’m being salty. I guess we’ll just all wait and see what happens. Good or bad, at least we’re all cheer or suffer together. The Dolphins head up to Cleveland next Sunday to take on the Browns. There is a chance we could win this game, but I still think it would be difficult. I have a feeling Landry will try to play his heart out to try and make sure they pull off a win. I just want a good game with no injuries.Other games to watch this week draft position wise: Thursday night game of Colts vs Texans, Giants vs Bears, Lions vs Redskins, Steelers vs Bengals, and Pats vs Cowboys (go Cowboys because nobody wants the Patriots to make it to Miami this February).Enjoy your week Dolphins’ fans and try to be nice to each other. I know we all have different opinions on our team, the draft, quarterbacks etc. but let’s try to not hate each other 24-7. Fins Up!

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#2 RE: e anything Mike Tannenbaum says, though? Just last week he was endorsing Justin Herbert Antworten

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