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05.12.2019 07:15
[Reminiscence of Antworten

[Reminiscence of elementary school time] What a nostalgic word for elementary school! Yeah, some people do n��t understand. They always think that elementary school is just the beginning. They do n��t have much friendship. Unfortunately, it ��s very wrong. Yeah, this is the starting point, yeah, maybe everyone will no longer remember each other after many years, but at the moment, this can also cause me a little bit of embarrassment. As for elementary school, I do n��t have much complete memory. More are small fragments, because I do n��t care too much about elementary school time. However, only when I lose something can I feel its preciousness. I went through it carefully and treasured everything that I found, carefully remembered it, good, bad, happy, and sad, because even the classmate who has the worst relationship with me now seems to have They are so cute. I remember that on the day after the exam, everyone didn't shout out for liberation, and most of them just said "liberate" in a loss. Yeah, liberated, everyone is liberated, this is the end of elementary school. Everyone didn't cheer Online Cigarettes, they just left silently Cigarettes For Sale. On the graduation ceremony day, I took the red wrapper's graduation certificate from a teacher, and gave him a gift, but I was a little surprised, six years! That's it for six years? That's it. After that, we went our separate ways, Nanwai, Fifth High School ... one by one. Yeah, it's not normal for the song to end. After the ceremony, our class went to dinner together and talked and laughed along the way, but I can see that most people are smiling and brave Newport Cigarettes Coupons, enduring sadness, trying to make themselves look optimistic and cheerful, after all, we all have a group Harm, you may cry when you cry, but in fact, I can see clearly, so are they. During the banquet, many of them took out their mobile phones to play, and all of them cried and laughed, looking crazy. Various nicknames and titles are everywhere. Even if there is something indecent, the teacher will not stop it. After all, in the end, everyone will be sad, but the way of expression is different. There are also pranksters. The students who were pitted are not angry, just smile. Yeah, it ��s all the last. I do n��t care about it, and I do n��t leave anything in the other person ��s memory, neither is a brother. Someone sang, everyone followed, and finally shouted. Hahahahahaha, laughing, crying, noisy, noisy. I'm going to go my own way. I'm not crazy, I don't make a noise, I don't cry, I'm not a good brother or sister. However, there is no banquet in the world, and this farce is gone. Everyone has red eyes after going out. Everyone is serious and solemn. Bless each other, and then they leave one by one. Yeah, it's all gone, only me and one of my friends didn't leave. He asked me why I didn't leave. I sighed and said, "I can't make it clear, maybe I just want to look at them a few more times." After that, we said goodbye and left. Yeah, everyone has gone, and we have also entered a new place-middle school yes, "One inch of time and one inch of gold, the teacher said that it is difficult to buy an inch of time, and day after day, year after year Childhood! "
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23.02.2020 17:35
#2 RE: [Reminiscence of Antworten

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25.02.2020 09:38
#3 RE: [Reminiscence of Antworten

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