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Thorman, Chiefs 44-17Let’s not spend too much time Antworten

Kansas City Chiefs general manager Brett Veach made two key acquisitions on the defensive side of the football this offseason Carlos Hyde Jersey , out-bidding the Houston Texans for safety Tyrann Mathieu and trading away a first and second-round draft pick to the Seattle Seahawks for defensive end Frank Clark.The hope was that by adding two defensive leaders to go along with the direction of new defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo, the Chiefs defense would improve. And through six games — statistically speaking — it has.But only barely. The Chiefs finished 2018 giving up an average of 26.3 points per game (24th) and a second-to-worst average of 405.5 yards per game (31st). Through six games in 2019, the Chiefs are giving up an average of 24 points per game (19th) and 406.2 yards per game (28th). The run defense — as to be expected — is statistically worse. The Chiefs gave up 132.1 rushing yards per game in 2018 (27th) to 161.8 rushing yards per game through six games in 2019 (30th). The Chiefs gave up 192 total rushing yards in their 31-24 loss to Houston on Sunday.“The obvious is that there are too many holes and we have to make sure we squeeze on those and fill,” said head coach Andy Reid as the media searched for answers about the run defense. “That’s the basics of it. It’s not one person that is the problem.”Clark, who knows that the run defense is a major issue, explained the only thing to do is to “reboot.”“Sometimes you get away from what you are trained and coached to do over the spring and summer,” said Clark. “We have to get back to our aggression, our passion for stopping the run. As you can see, early in the season, after six weeks, we have not been able to do that. That’s just being honest. Over 100 yards rushing ever week against our opponents, some running backs are more well-known than others, but we are making everybody look awesome. We are making every running back we play look awesome.”Against the Chiefs, Carlos Hyde did look awesome, fulfilling what’s come to be expected for any running back against Kansas City — rushing for more than 100 yards and scoring a touchdown.Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports“Carlos Hyde did a great job,” added Clark. “He did a great job running the ball out there. Of course, we knew that. Him coming from us, we knew he had some animosity out there towards us, of course, as any player should. He showed up. He did his thing.”Last season, when Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes was perfectly healthy, he could make up for the obvious deficiencies the Chiefs had on defense. But that is not the case in 2019, as playing through a lingering ankle issue has made the reigning MVP look mortal at times. “For the most part, the offenses we are playing, we haven’t shut down an offense this year,” added Clark. “That is something we have to do in order to win. We can’t keep putting the pressure on our offense to do everything. We can’t keep putting the pressure on those guys to get the job done. We know what they can do Juan Thornhill white jersey , but we’ve got to give them more opportunities. We’ve got to slow the game down, on defense so we are not getting these extended drives, nine-play drives, 10-play drives.”On the Texans’ 93-yard game-winning drive in the fourth-quarter, Houston never saw a third down as they ran the ball on eight of the 12 plays for 48 yards. That is six yards per carry.“Whoever gets there first has to make that tackle,” said Mathieu when asked about the Chiefs missing key tackles. “Once it gets to the second and third level, it becomes a pretty hard tackle. We just have to do a good job of building the wall, setting edges and playing off of each other.”If there is a single bright side, it is that the Chiefs can turn the page quickly, as they take on the Broncos in just four days. Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty ImagesThe negative is that waiting for them in Denver is the tandem of Phillip Lindsay and Royce Freeman, a one-two punch that has combined for 150 carries for 681 yards (4.5 yards per carry) on the season. The last time the Chiefs played the Broncos, Lindsay rushed 18 times for 95 yards and a touchdown. At this point, how could you reasonably expect Lindsay and Freeman not to have their way with the Chiefs? “We’ve got to come back in here [Monday],” said Clark. “It’s a short week, we’ve got a very short week until we are playing again. We’ve got to come out here [Monday] and watch some film and get it out of our minds so we can get on track for Thursday.” Last week, we saw the Arrowhead Pride contributors go 10-2 with their picks. Two of the contributors picks the Browns to win last week — looks like it may take some time for all Chiefs fans to get over the scars of the past. I know I’m still recovering myself.Let’s see what FanPulse has to say about the Chiefs this week:You can sign up for AP FanPulse here to take the weekly survey.Now let’s get on to the predictions:Shawn Barber, Chiefs 30-20My Week 10 Prediction is just an ”orange justice” tribute to the Fortnite & NFL partnership beginning tomorrow with the release of uniform skins.Keys to Victory “Royale”1. Josh Rosen should be a “Bush Camper” while in pass protection, meaning the Cardinals’ O-line might provide a little camouflage but no real protection from the Chiefs’ D-line.2. Any Cardinals wide receivers should be immediately “knock(ed)” if they dare to complete any passes longer than five yards.3. Be alert for Kareem Hunt “launch(ing)” himself into the end zone.4. Yes, All the Chiefs players are ready to share “mats.” We have more than enough material to keep building more room for fans to get on the wagon.5. As a team, the Cardinals are definitely “one-shot.” Make sure the Chiefs start fast and don’t give them any hope of victory.6. We know the Cardinals are a team full of “storm troopers.” Once the game kicks off, there will be where for their defenders to hide.7. When Chris Jones asks, “Do we have any Heals?” by signaling the Kingdom to make some noise. The Sea of Red response is the best way to ensure a “Victory Royale.”Aaron Borgmann, Chiefs 38-10The Cards are coming to town. Clearly, a rebuilding team trying to find its own identity. While David Johnson is a talented running back, they just don’t have the horses to compete with the Chiefs. This is essentially a warmup game for the big showdown—kind of like the midday meal you eat before Thanksgiving. A real stretch it out and get ready kind of game. I’ve been saying it for weeks, but it’s gotta happen sooner or later right? Look for some backups in the fourth as this will be out of hand.John Dixon Juan Thornhill Kansas City Chiefs Jerseys , Chiefs 33-20The Cardinals have a decent defense, but the Chiefs offense has already rolled over a bushel basket full of those. The Cardinals have a new offensive coordinator in Byron Leftwich, who managed to get his team’s offensive output above 300 yards for the first time all season two weeks ago in a victory against the 49ers. It’s fair to wonder that with a bye week, Leftwich can do some things to clean up the mess left by former OC Mike McCoy -- and maybe cook up a solid plan to beat Bob Sutton’s defense -- but it’s hard to imagine the Chiefs losing a game like this at home. There’s enough uncertainty about Leftwich that the Cardinals might make it closer than we’d expect against a 2-6 opponent, but the Chiefs should handle this one easily.Matt Lane, Chiefs 35-17This is the more “trap” like trap game for the Chiefs, given the extra attention to the Browns with the coaching carousel and the looming Mexico City Showdown with the Rams. The Chiefs very well may not come out with a ton of juice early for a game against an inferior opponent playing Arrowhead but the remaining questions is, does that matter?When Arizona has the ball their offensive line play has been absolutely horrendous this year, if there was ever a get-right game for the Chiefs run defense this is it. The Cardinals will mostly, unless Byron Leftwhich is coming up with new stuff post-Bye, continue smashing David Johnson into the A and B gaps in which their OL generates no movement. In the passing game their interior OL is just as porous as their offensive tackles constantly allowing a ton of pressure to young Josh Rosen. Rosen has made some beautiful throws this year but really struggles when pressured and moved off his spot which is something Ford, Jones, and the rest of the front should be able to do. The WR group for the Cardinals has also been subpar struggling to separate and haul in basses all year.When the Chiefs have the ball, it’s pretty simple that you need to stop Chandler Jones and you can have your way with the Cardinals defense. Their linebackers, in particular, have been a real issue easily drawn out of place and flowing before they need to be. Combine that with a lot of spot-zone coverage and it should be a situation that Mahomes can continue his dominance vs zone. The Cardinals have athletes to get sideline to sideline vs the run BUT they aren’t good at quickly flowing outside and instead look to shoot gaps, especially vs a zone blocking scheme. This could lead to large chunk runs for Hunt outside the tackles, again.I don’t forsee the Chiefs coming out with 110 percent effort in this game, but it really won’t matter as at some point pure talent takes over. A relatively ho-hum performance that showcases the Chiefs as a better team but the Cardinals are able to make a few schematic changes that surprise the not completely focused Chiefs.Gary McKenzie, Chiefs 35-10This is a week where the Chiefs defense can work to improve. Justin Houston should return and the Chiefs defense will be facing one of the worst offenses in the NFL. It is a wasted opportunity for the Chiefs defense if they do not sack, intercept, and just generally give this weak Cardinals offense a horrible time on Sunday.Matt Stagner, Chiefs 52-28This is uncharted territory for the Chiefs. 1) they are favored by more than 2 TDs. 2) they finally have the franchise QB that makes a letdown less likely. It’s clearly the type of trap game that would be a problem for previous Chiefs teams. It feels like the KC defense is improving, so they certainly have the opportunity to dominate with pass rush against the Cards. The league’s best offense and special teams will continue to be the story, though. Watch for Tyreek Hill to have another big week, it’s his turn.Craig Stout Kansas City Chiefs Jerseys Stitched , Chiefs 38-10The Cardinals have more holes than they do players to this point. They’re not particularly good in the trenches, they’re still trying to find an identity on offense, and their defense got 45 points hung on them by Denver *at home.* This game will be over at the half, and we’ll be watching Chad Henne and Spencer Ware move the ball on the ground in the third quarter.Kent Swanson, Chiefs 28-14The Chiefs are going to win and Patrick Mahomes is going to break Len Dawson’s single-season TD pass record in week 10. Amazing. I don’t expect the Chiefs to cover. This will be a game where the Chiefs get up and just try and get out of it. The energy probably won’t be sustained for four quarters.Pete Sweeney, Chiefs 35-21There will be a couple games down the final stretch of the season in which the matchup with the Kansas City Chiefs equates to the Super Bowl for the other team—this one against the Cardinals is the first. I think the Cardinals challenge the Chiefs in their passing game, but they are not simply enough for all the things Andy Reid, Patrick Mahomes and Kareem Hunt are capable of. The Chiefs’ defense plays much better against a weak opponent, giving a dose of false hope ahead of the game on everybody’s mind—the Rams in Mexico City. A late, trash-time touchdown by the Cardinals provides the dreaded backdoor cover for you betting folks.Joel Thorman, Chiefs 44-17Let’s not spend too much time on this one. It’s a 17-point line which isn’t enough.Aly Trost, Chiefs 48-13Well, *cough, cough* after getting RIPPED apart by Chiefs fans far and wide for predicting the Browns would upset the Chiefs, I am BACK to my optimistic ways. Chiefs win 48-13. Josh Rosen doesn’t stand a chance. The 2-6 Cardinals couldn’t upset the Chiefs if they try. Chiefs victory. At home. 48-13. Sunday. Drop mic.Dane Van Why, Chiefs 38-13This game is simply a stepping stone for next Monday night against the Rams. I don’t necessarily care about this game, and I don’t think the fan base does either. But don’t get me wrong, this, and the rest of the games down the final stretch of the season, do matter. If the Chiefs decide to sit this one out and let a lackluster Cardinals team beat them at home, it WILL come back to bite them come January. But I’m not expecting that to happen.Each contributor picked the Chiefs to win this week, which means the staff rankings shouldn’t see any movement next week. However, this week, Pete and Craig were able to get themselves out of the basement. The current rankings are as such:Contributor RankingsContributorRecordContributorRecordI’m looking forward to next week against the Rams, where the Chiefs’ picks will be much more difficult. Maybe we’ll see a little movement then!

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