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JessyWhite Offline

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21.01.2020 10:18
4 Go-To Apps For Revision and Exam Prep Antworten

You have written a pile of academic papers, and it is high time to prepare for exams. This period is one of the most stressful ones for learners. You have to revise so much information in a short time period. It is quite challenging to do it if you can’t brag about sharp memory and have trouble remembering everything your teacher said. What is the right solution? How can you make revision more effective and less stressful? Is there a way to prepare for exams faster? Yes, for sure, if you use study applications for undergraduates. They help to transform revision into a fun game and to remember a great deal of information. Have no idea what academic help apps are really useful and worth giving a try? Have a look at the four go-to apps for revision and exam prep.

SpeedyPaper Adviser
One of the most useful applications for students is SpeedyPaper Adviser. You will find samples of various academic papers in this writing app. There are more than seventy categories for every subject and topic. Students can find a necessary essay template fast thanks to the easy-to-use search feature. Afraid that a sample may be lost? Bookmark papers you want to review one more time. SpeedyPaper Adviser contains a pile of assignments with different styles of citation: Chicago, APA, etc. If you haven’t found a necessary paper template, you can contact customer support and ask them to assist you. The database of academic writings is constantly growing in this app, so don’t waste an opportunity to benefit from this useful writing helper.
Exam Countdown
This is one more student application that will help to prepare for exams more effectively. It was created to help students keep track of exam dates. If your memory plays tricks on you, and you have trouble remembering important dates, benefit from Exam Countdown. It will help you stay focused and store important dates in one place. Students can choose one of 400 icons and thirty colors to make an exam schedule colorful and eye-catching.

It is a free online learning application where students can make notes and share flashcards, Mind Maps, and plan their studies. It helps students to organize themselves and provides access to the rich database of learning content. The basic version of an application is absolutely free and works great without an internet connection. If you want to have access to all the features, you’ll have to purchase the premium version of an application.
Study Blue
One more helpful flashcard app for learners is Study Blue. Using this application, students can make and share digital flashcards, customize materials with audio and images, take tests, and keep track of the study progress. StudyBlue is great to train memory before exams, to learn taking notes and writing down the most brilliant ideas. It can be downloaded for free and used on Android or IOS devices.

BrennaWard Offline

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18.03.2020 07:15
#2 RE: 4 Go-To Apps For Revision and Exam Prep Antworten

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