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Mid-Autumn Festival greet Antworten

Mid-Autumn Festival greeting composition 800 words September 13, the moon is round, the golden autumn is cool, a beautiful holiday, a holiday to reunite the family, a romantic holiday, the day when Chang'e flew to the moon Mid-Autumn Festival, I am very happy, the time is so fast! Wow ~ It's a beautiful Mid-Autumn Festival, because today is a special day, so I got up early, and I was very excited after getting up, so I gathered and pulled home to prepare for the Mid-Autumn Festival. Go mooncakes! Do you know why there is the Mid-Autumn Festival? According to legend, in the ancient times, ten suns appeared in the sky. The earth was roasted and smoked. The sea water was exhausted, and the people could not live anymore. This incident alarmed a hero named Hou Yi Carton Of Cigarettes. He climbed to the top of the Kunlun Mountain, hiked the divine power, pulled the bow, and breathed nine extra suns at once, saving the people from the fire and water. Soon, Hou Yi married a beautiful wife named Chang'e. One day, Hou Yi went to Kunlun Mountain to visit his friend and asked for a way. When he happened to meet the queen mother who passed by Wholesale Cigarettes, she asked the queen mother for a package of immortal medicine. It is said that taking this medicine would immediately ascend to heaven, but Hou Yi could not bear to throw away his wife. Give the immortal medicine to Chang'e Collection. Unexpectedly, this matter was seen by Heng Yi's doorman Peng Meng. After Peng Meng waited for Hou Yi to go out, he threatened Chang'e to surrender the undead medicine. Chang E knew that he was not Peng Meng's opponent. After Chang'e swallowed the medicine, his body immediately became lighter, and many flew up and fluttered to the moon to become a fairy Cigarettes For Sale. Hou Yi was distraught after knowing this. In order to commemorate Chang'e, Houyi made many moon cakes and food to commemorate her, so I made the August 15th of the lunar calendar as the Mid-Autumn Festival. Do you know? My most exciting moment is here! The full moon came out at 7 o'clock! I was so excited to see the round moon. 8: When the moonlight shines on the earth, it seems to be in a wonderland, and he has become a fairy! It's a pity that because my father is too busy, no one will be with me to watch the moon when I'm not at home ~ I ate moon cakes while watching the moon. As the saying goes: "Look up at the moon and look down at your hometown." Mid-Autumn Festival greeting composition 800 play. Maybe everyone will say, "It's all grown up and playing with lanterns, it's naive!" But, I don't think it's a waste to not play with lanterns.
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