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Light up once without hesitation. Cigarettes are usually available, but what approximately love? Is she such as cigarette? I just want to cry, even generally if i shed a smaller tears, but great heart hurts. I don't just want to walk into this approach story, I won't remember it, I still don't just want to. No one has learned, only his banging hands, cold mouth area, like this grab, wandering alone at nighttime night. Whether the cigarette is 1 by 1, is the butt written with sustenance or possibly the cigarette developed with miss. You can that there is constantly a tacit becoming familiar with without words behind the truth love, mysterious, pitiful, and additionally bitter smiles, and much more silly. I absolutely love, you never figure out. Seeing the cigarettes into my hand burn apart, tears are equally so difficult in my position, I can be confused forever. Cigarettes were combusting, but that month, unconsciously, I opt to not love, only to know how many times I had produced walked so very far, I saw all the blurry and clear face on the curling smoke. Want, like the smoke cigars, the misty is free of foundation. From a to a message, it has really been burning. I just want to continue this absolutely love with cigarettes. We're desperately smoking, and additionally I'm always for that reason incomprehensible, as individuals said. I don't believe that We are an eternal fanatic. I lit the software again, tears moving down my fingertips, but in the truth face of all the disturbance, I came across it heavy. Maybe there is no courage or possibly something Parliament Cigarettes, do not likely understand, whether I can survive on earth, poor story. Is it the things I keep is you ought to give me hope during the last survival, but you prefer to treasure her. I presume of cigarettes as my well being. I'm afraid every one cigarettes anywhere will burn apart. I gave individuals. I want the software. Can I ensure you get your mercy? I want to take like this. Aimless, I wish to love it and share with it to you will, just like all the uninterrupted cigarette into my hand. When I discovered the cigarette once Marlboro Lights, the story jam packed with tragedy was prolonged Carton Of Cigarettes, deeply, if for that reason...
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