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I think Stafford psychology Prof. Carol Dweck says it best in her book, "Mindset: The New Psychology of Success". She states that people, who believe that talent is fixed Wholesale Jerseys Online , lack the skills necessary to reach their full potential and don't recover from hurdles as easily as others. Later she goes on to tell us that people can change their mindset within only two months time and can increase their talents, skills, or intelligence. It's her firm belief that the brain is like a muscle and just like a muscle it improves through exercise.
If you come from a mindset that you'll learn how to write then you will. Remember these key freelance writing tips and you'll have success.
1 - Word composition:
In order to be good at freelance writing you need to be sensitive to the many meanings and differences between words. Having a dictionary by your side will be good for quick reference. An example of this would be whether a "kettle" is the same thing as a "cauldron".
2 - Getting your message across:
It's important to get your message across in your freelance assignments, but it will only work if others can understand and relate to the story that you are telling them. This lesson seems to be more difficult with those who feel that they cannot write over those who have a matter-of-fact attitude.
3 - Take breaks:
Sometimes the best thing that you can do for your freelance writing is to set your work aside, take a break for an hour or two and come back when you're more refreshed and can focus once again on writing a good piece of work.
4 - Discipline:
In order to get lots of writing jobs you're going to need to be disciplined to learn proper grammar and spelling usage. Since you're probably going be your own editor you will really want to focus on understanding how to properly structure your sentences and having minimal errors.
5 - Overcoming your hurdles:
In order to be successful with freelance writing you'll need to be able to bounce back quickly from bad things that may happen. In the writing business your work will always be scrutinized and there is a possibility of being rejected. You'll have to learn to not take it personally and keep on moving forward.
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