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12.10.2017 08:53
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looking for an environmentally friendly electric mower you may want to check out the Cub Cadet CC 500 BAT cordless electric lawn mower. This mower is quiet and needs very little maintenance compared to a gas mower and is well built and clean running. As it is cordless it can be used away from any power outlets unlike a corded electric mower that can only be used as far away as the cord can extend. The power output of cordless models nowadays is comparable to gas powered models.

The Cub Cadet CC 500 BAT has a uniquely designed three in one deck with an upward sloping blade . This creates a cyclone effect which suspends cuttings in the air where they can be cut repeatedly to produce a fine mulch. The mulch is then ejected onto the ground where it is an excellent fertiliser for your lawn.

A 48 volt battery supplies the power and is designed for a minimal impact on the environment as well as long life. Lack of power has been a serious downfall of cordless mowers in the past but modern batteries deliver much more power and these newer models are comparable in power to gas powered mowers.

The Cub Cadet CC 500 BAT is extremely maneuverable thanks to ball bearings in the wheels which make rolling and turning much easier than many other models. The cutting height is easily adjusted with a lever and does not need individual wheel adjustments as some models do. The adjustable cutting blade gives seven different cutting heights from one inch to three and a half inches. A lock out key prevents accidentally starting the mower.

Overall we found the Cub Cadet CC 500 BAT has a very efficient mulching system Cheap Carolina Hurricanes Jerseys , good cutting power and excellent features.


Good mulching, easy to adjust cutting height, maneuverable


Bagging is less efficient than some other models

List price $449.00

The Black and Decker CMM1200

For small areas of grass that are too far away from a power outlet the Black and Decker CMM1200 is ideal. This cordless electric lawn mower is well built but with slightly lower cutting power than the Cub Cadet CC 500 BAT. It has an efficient mulching system and operates for longer than the average cordless mower on one full charge.

The disadvantage of cordless electric mowers is that the usage is limited by the charge and until recharging takes place the mower can t be used again. However if you only have a small area to mow this won t be a problem and for those looking for a more environmentally friendly mower with low maintenance the Black and Decker CMM1200 would be suitable.

The cutting path, at nineteen inches, is about average for a cordless mower and about the same as a small gas mower. it is very quiet. A big advantage over gas mowers especially if you like to do your mowing early in the morning!

The cutting limit on a full charge is stated by the manufacturer to be 15 Cheap Calgary Flames Jerseys ,000 square feet but independent tests found this to be lower at around 10,000 square feet. Obviously, if you are mowing long grass or thickets of weeds you can expect this to be much lower, probably about a half of this figure. Be aware that no electric mowers should be used on wet grass.
The Black and Decker CMM1200 is easily transported as it is light and compact with a fold down handle for easier storage. It copes well with shallow inclines and is well constructed as you would expect for a mower from Black and Decker. Starting is easy with a push button and the controls on the handle are easy to use. An easy to use lever is used to adjust the cutting height which varies from one and a half to three and a third inches. .

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