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cbminhduc Offline

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23.01.2018 05:30
There will be no exam in the 2018 entrance exam Antworten

There will be no exam in the 2018 entrance exam. This is the information MoET offers. This is a common concern of many students in grade 12 this year, the content of the test will have more knowledge class 11.

"If the department does not produce illustrations, it is difficult for students to determine the direction of their studies. Moreover, we also find disadvantage compared to the previous course, "said Tran Duy Khuong, 12th grade student in Dong Nai.

He hopes that MoET will change his decision soon, so that he and other candidates will have enough time to prepare for the 2018 national high school exam.

Le Pham Thanh, a teacher of chemistry in Hanoi, asserted that students are anxious and worried. He explained before 2015, the structure of the test is generally stable. Pupils and teachers can refer to the previous year's topic for a review. However, from 2015 onwards, the examination changed too much in both form and content.

This year, teachers, students do not know how the test matrix, how much knowledge of the 11th grade and appear in the form of questions like how.

Pham Huu Cuong, Ph.D. teacher, said that if there is no illustration, students and teachers difficult to grasp the percentage of knowledge distributed in the exam.

Meanwhile, Mr. Vu Khac Ngoc, a teacher of chemistry, said the reason given by the Ministry is 2018 format format exam same as 2017 not convinced because the content will be different.

If the illustration is not published, at least the department should publish the review material, similar to the student's graduation exam guidebooks before the two exams are combined.

On the same point, Thinh Van Nam, a teacher of Biology at Doan Son High School (Ha Noi), affirmed that the Ministry of Education and Training should make the illustration because the change in the content of the test will increase the amount of knowledge to learn.

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wadewilson Offline

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26.01.2018 03:52
#2 RE: There will be no exam in the 2018 entrance exam Antworten

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