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05.06.2018 10:44
Pharmacy Industry Benchmarks in 2018 Antworten

The 2018 exam is about to take place, so the benchmark of the College of Medicine and Pharmacy will be very expensive while the input of the Pharmaceutical and Pharmacy Industry is improving more and more.

How much does the Pharmaceutical Industry earn in 2018?

The system of recruitment of medical profession is expanded at universities and colleges nationwide. The high school is the leading unit in the selection of Medicine and Pharmacy with the model to consider the theory attached practice. Towards knowledge, while focusing on soft skills and practical skills. These are the criteria most employers focus on.

Before the college entrance examination of medicine and pharmacy in 2018, there were many students anxious about the benchmark Pharmacy College meeting the standards of the Ministry of Health in 2018 while enrolled in Medicine and Pharmacy. The school will rely on the results of the national high school exam for admission as well as the qualification of the best entry standards for the candidates.

Follow the latest recruitment regulations of the Ministry of Education through the circular No. 07/2018 Faculty of Medicine - Pham Ngoc Thach Medical College Saigon will enroll students in the form of admission notice. Therefore, the students who intend to study at Ho Chi Minh City College of Pharmacy will have the highest chance of being accepted at the Medical College - Pham Ngoc Thach Medical College. . For more information see:

Conditions and time to announce the enrollment of the HCM College of Pharmacy in 2018

With the aim of training the human resources of pharmaceuticals of high quality and quantity. Students studying in the Faculty of Medicine - Pham Ngoc Thach Medical College certainly have to prestige the following main causes:
- Students pass state high school graduation
- Students have good ethics, good behavior, have a good job
- There is no criminal record and is in the process of being executed

Just have to meet the standards of the Ministry of Health conditions on you The subjects will have the opportunity to enter the pharmaceutical college hcm.
College of Pharmacy meets the Ministry of Health of Ho Chi Minh City - College of Medicine - Pham Ngoc Thach Medical College
Shared Education Specialists Students who are enrolled in a Pharmacy College or College of Pharmacy must select a standardized enrollment facility. A quality professional enrollment school will keep 50% of your success in the future.

College of Medicine and Pharmacy - Pham Ngoc Thach Medical College Saigon has many advantages for students who are studying: Young dynamic school environment, applying the latest recruitment guidelines, changing the new program teach and participate in the study to improve the standards of teaching and learning and the ability to accumulate knowledge of the contestants.

Statistics show that the school-based model is used in instructional learning to help students understand the theoretical knowledge associated with practice. The school is equipped with functional rooms, laboratories full of tools for students to study and attend school. I have been practicing from the second year in the large hospital systems are doctors, pharmacists ... experienced direct enrollment training. Highly qualified trainers will accompany you in the process of registering, practicing the quality of the best quality employees. diem chuan cao dang y duoc tphcm 2018

The school is committed to recruiting graduates with a professional career, stable income. The school links with the labor unit, the employer introduces a career for themselves. In addition, qualified students will have the opportunity to work abroad, to build careers in major countries like Japan, Germany, England, Australia ...
Therefore, the Department of Medicine - Pham Ngoc Thach Medical College of Saigon is the place to consider the College of Pharmacy officially meet the standards of the Ministry of Health for pharmaceutical candidates.

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