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01.06.2018 04:34
What is Nursing? Out of school do? - Ho Chi Minh City Health College Antworten

As the nursing profession increasingly asserted its position in the desire for human health is increasing so the training of human resources for medical examination and treatment is indispensable. For more information on nursing care issues, see here cao dang dieu duong tp hcm

Da Nang College of Nursing Grading in 2018

WHO recognizes that services provided by nurses and midwives are one of the pillars of the universal service system. Nurses are responsible for the care, optimization of health, disease prevention and injury, relief of pain through diagnosis and treatment, in order to best meet the needs of enhancing individual health care, family, community.

Job of the profession

Nurses are both caring, counseling, communicating, and speaking for the sick. In order to be able to recover, the patient not only needs a physician, a good doctor but also needs the care of a nurse.

In addition, students are trained in practical skills, caring for patients, skills in organizing nursing management and at the same time are trained serious work attitude, ensuring practice in accordance with ethics. And professional ethics.According to the nursing profession, students will be equipped with social science knowledge, health sciences as well as hone the ability to analyze and apply the principles of nursing, basic nursing techniques, specialized nursing techniques. Measures to maintain and improve living conditions for the protection, care and improvement of human health are also important knowledge that the training program will provide.

According to Circular No. 07/2011 / TT-BYT dated January 26, 2011 of the Ministry of Health guiding the nursing work in patient care in hospitals, nurses have 12 professional tasks: health education guide; mental care; personal hygiene; nutritional care; rehabilitation care; caring for patients who have surgery, surgery; administering and monitoring drugs for patients; caring for dying patients and dying patients; implementation of nursing techniques; monitoring and evaluating patients; ensure safety and prevent technical errors in patient care; Record medical records.

After graduating from
the college of pharmacy
, students can become nurses in hospitals, health centers, clinics, health care facilities at all levels, both public and private. If skilled, nursing bachelors can become nursing home nurses, take on the role of care management and participate in the development of policies related to the nursing care of patients.
In addition, nurses can open health care services, health counseling; or participate in teaching, research in medical units, educational units in health sciences and nursing.

Working in developing countries
Domestic and international nursing careers are lacking. Countries in shortage of nurses, the need to recruit many workers from Vietnam is Japan, the Philippines, Germany. These countries have the opportunity to attract qualified nurses if they meet the conditions of employment.

In addition, as of December 31, 2015, the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) was formally established, and nursing is one of the eight freelance sectors to move within ASEAN. This is an opportunity for graduates to work and settle abroad.

In order to be competitive on the home and away field, nursing students need to be firmly prepared in terms of knowledge, skills and attitudes, professional ethics, and foreign languages ​​to gain a firm footing in the labor market.
Being aware of that, Tay Do University focuses on training skills, practice, training attitude, professional sense of nursing bachelor. In order to ensure the output, the school has cooperated with Tsukui Corporation, Japan for Japanese language teaching and Kaigo training (skills for elderly care according to Japanese standards). Successful candidates will have the opportunity to work at Tsukui Group with attractive welfare policy.

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