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ought to set a precedent.Granted, we can all recall our favorite beanball (or near-beanball) scuffle. Maybe it's Nolan Ryan and Antworten

Bryce Harper can cross the New York Yankees off his list of potential free-agent suitors this offseason.Per MLB Network Radio's Steve Phillips , the Yankees "will not be in on Harper," as their top priorities are expected to be Manny Machado and starting pitching.It seemed like Harper wouldn't be a priority for the Yankees when theyre-signedBrett Gardner to a one-year deal Wednesday.Retaining Gardner gave New York an outfield surplus that includes Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton and Aaron Hicks. The team also has Jacoby Ellsbury, who missed all of last season because of a hip injury, under contract through 2020, and the 24-year-old Clint Frazier.With Didi Gregoriusoutfor an undetermined amount of time following Tommy John surgery in October, the Yankees could be in the market for an infielder capable of playing shortstop or鈥攊f Gleyber Torres moves to the left side of the infield鈥攕econd base.New York, which could lose starters CC Sabathia and J.A. Happ in free agency, has also beenheavily connectedto Patrick Corbin. The southpaw was an All-Star in 2018 and posted a 3.15 ERA with 246 strikeouts in 200 innings for the Arizona Diamondbacks.A free agent for the first time in his career, Harper hit .249/.393/.496 with 34 homers and a career-high 100 RBI for the Washington Nationals in 2018. It's time for the nonsense to end.It's time for the days when a pitcher hurls a dangerous projectile at another person in excess of 90 mph with little or no provocation to end.Thankfully, it appears MLB agrees.On Thursday Wilmer Flores Jersey , the league announced a six-game suspension for Miami Marlins right-hander Jose Urena after he hit Atlanta Braves outfielder Ronald Acuna Jr. with a 97.5 mph fastball, seemingly intentionally.In case you missed it, here's the footage:MLB MLBBenches clear in Marlins-Braves after Jos茅 Ure帽a hits Ronald Acu帽a Jr. in 1st inning.Acu帽a Jr. (5 straight games with HR, 3 straight with leadoff HR) exits in 2nd inning. V2aSu97YEXDid that beanball arrive courtesy of a bat flip or some other "justifiable" reason? Nope.What was Acuna's crime, then? What affront had he committed?As best as anyone can tell, it was the "offense" of homering in five straight games, including three straight against the Marlins.Acuna was on a roll. More specifically, he was on a roll against the Fish. Somehow, that warranted a fastball to the elbow.Multiple MLB commentators, including ESPN's Buster Olney, thought it was on purpose:Buster Olney Buster_ESPNThe fact that Urena dropped his glove as the Braves bench emptied and seemed to beckon them forward tells you all you need to know about his intent.Acuna wasn't showboating or running his mouth or breaking any of the game's other antiquated unspoken rules. He was merely raking , which is what he's generally been doing since his big league debut April 25.Through 68 games, Acuna has 19 home runs and a .924 OPS. He's squarely in the conversation for National League Rookie of the Year honors.Other intriguing Senior Circuit rookies such as the Washington Nationals' Juan Soto will give Acuna a run for his money, but he's undeniably one of the most eye-opening up-and-comers on one of the most exciting young teams in either league.Now we return to his standoff with Urena. Is there a universe where his behavior is remotely justified?Former MLB player and current New York Mets commentator Keith Hernandez seems to think so."He's hit three home runs. You've got to hit him," Hernandez said, per'sDo-Hyoung Park and Daniel Kramer."I'm sorry. People aren't going to like that. You've got to hit him; knock him down, at least."A hitter is hitting, which is his job. In response, you hurl a sphere of cork, string and leather at his arm in the vicinity of triple digits, endangering not only his physical safety but also his long-term livelihood.That's horrendous on its face. It's cruel and antithetical to the spirit of the game.Braves legend and Hall of Famer Chipper Jones had a strong take in response to Hernandez's asinine comments:Chipper Jones RealCJ10So by this way of thinking, Jacob deGrom should get drilled cuz he鈥檚 the hottest pitcher on the planet? NO! I enjoy watching him pitch and I enjoy watching RAJ play the game. I鈥檓 old school just like this broadcaster Adrian Gonzalez Jersey , but these comments are waaay off base! N21hLVxBefHis slippery slope argument is precisely on point. A player, whether a pitcher or hitter, should not be targeted for performing at a high level. Period, paragraph.While we're on the subject, bat flips and other mild on-field antics shouldn't result in baseballs being intentionally thrown at players. It's dumb. It's juvenile. It makes the game less enjoyable鈥攏ot more.Fortunately, Acuna played Thursday and seems to be OK after going 1-for-4 against the Colorado Rockies. And MLB's harsh, swift punishment of Urena ought to set a precedent.Granted, we can all recall our favorite beanball (or near-beanball) scuffle. Maybe it's Nolan Ryan and Robin Ventura. Perhaps it's an even more one-sided tusslesuch as Pedro Martinez and Don Zimmer.There's sick fun when a guy gets plugged or buzzed by an inside pitch and the benches clear. But doesn't it feel like a baseball artifact, set to be relegated to history's dust bin?Here's where Acuna deserves a ton of credit: He didn't charge the mound.In a sense, who could have blamed him for wanting to rip into Urena? Acuna, after all Jose Bautista Jersey , is a key contributor on a rising postseason hopeful.Urena's pitch endangered his season for the "crime" of being good, and it was bush league.Yet, Acuna restrained himself. Tip your cap. Give more points to the youngster, and to MLB for cutting through the noise and punishing Urena for his childish antics. That six-game suspension sends a message: This isn't cool.As an interesting side note: If Urena doesn't appeal his suspension and simply serves it, his next turn on the mound would be scheduled to come against the Braves. Stay tuned.Kevin C. Cox/Getty ImagesHere's a foundational question: Do we watch baseball because we're hoping a burgeoning superstar will get plunked in the elbow, or because we want to see the best hitters swing the bat against the best pitchers?It's time to do away with the unwritten rules.It's time for the nonsense to end. All statistics current as of Thursday and courtesy of Baseball Reference.

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