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22.05.2019 10:51
s, through the old Antworten

s, through the old window, meditation with tears and meditation. The sorrows and joys of the wind, a broken flower, can not be sketched with strokes, the former ink, the memory of this life, the story of the cold and the cold, inlaid in the fallen landscape, the details of the article, infatuation, poetry The volume gave the only long song in life a soft time, smashed the attachment, and ridiculously waited. When the time came, the footsteps were very light, but they woke up the time; when they went, the pace was fast, but they calmed the wind and rain and calmed the wound. The intersection of time, loneliness, happiness, confusion Marlboro Gold, bitterness, guilt, happiness, every time you get it, it means every loss. Every time you comprehend, it represents every pain, every desire, every time. Feeling, simple, simple, comforting, pinning, and then leaving the first thing, only to find that everyone who came to this world is just a passing passenger, time has spent the past memories, faded is the curtain of the past, I If you can't grasp it, you can only let the people leave. Passing the wind in front of me, wandering around the balcony, swirling, and screaming in the ground. It seems to have heard the sound of moonlight dancing, and even the heart has begun to flood, flooding out some thoughts far away from time, struggling all the way, the flatness of the desire to render is renewed, and the waves of the next one are pulling away, deep. Long distance, unwilling to nostalgia, should not be in love for so long, the partner who has been side by side, the hope of goodwill, the indifference of grievances, the lie of fate, the indulging in the dreams of the past, in the heart of the embellishment Wake up hurt. Like the water flowing years, crossing the barriers of life, tremble in the middle of nowhere, before this, never foresee such a heartbeat of their own impulses, smelling thunder, full of words, melancholy, sober, lost, full of The heart collapsed into a stack, and the low-hanging arms could no longer cover the folds. At the moment of heartbeat, through a few light years, the vivid figure in the photo, can not withstand the most precious life in the life of the year Cigarettes For Sale, Mo Ruo that is like a white pass. Yan Hua has passed away, and time has hurried to stop at his fingertips. On the road of chasing the future, how many lost, such as the past, have never thought that some memories can set off the tide-like emotions. There is no perfect reality in the world. The story of a fairy tale is not a promise that you can give me Cheap Cigarettes. Therefore, you will not expect the dreamy extravagant night Newport 100S. The rain stops, leaving only the cool breeze blowing through the window sill. I am thinking about the rainy province. At this time, the night outside the window is still the same, the rain is still the same, still lingering in the lonely, the wind curtains, the story of the broken ground, the falling of a layer of smoke has been bit by bit, the leaves are gradually luxuriant. Next to the forest, look for signs of germination. Only the vigorous dance is fascinating, and the elf dust that turns into a sly is disillusioned. In the Year of the Flow, you have forgotten whoever is in the years, and you have no meditation. The beautiful artistic conception turned into the ancient rhyme of the south of the Yangtze River, and it stretched and extended in my life. Looking across the air, under the peach forest for thousands of years Newport Cigarettes, I saw that condensed and smiling, still standing under the peach trees, waiting for the unexpected encounter. When you meet, the moment is eternal.

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