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29.07.2019 04:18
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This is the most primitive joy of the night, quiet, safe, and the fascinating sunset glows the last light of the earth. The night is quiet, and occasionally one or two insects converge into the flowing stream, bringing this quiet night. With a little aura, the stream flows into the lake not far away. The lake reflects the lights in the grass house. The lights sway gently with the breeze, float like a star on the lake, and sway gently. There is no starlight tonight, and the fog shrouds the earth like a tulle, and it is mysterious. Choose a quiet place, let your heart be empty, don't make a little dusty, and stop the water. The thoughts drifting in the distant night in this quiet night are turned into gray under the cover of the hustle and bustle, like the paintings of the Chinese painting masters on the paper. In the vicinity, there is a pool of clear water and a green pastoral scene, and one or two figures of hoeing work are dotted on the verdant farmland, adding a touch of life to this ink painting. There is a small road by the lake that leads to the end of the orchard Marlboro Red. It is a lychee garden, maybe a piece of orange forest, I don't know. You can only look around and watch the trails appear in the depths of the orchard Newport 100S. There were a few lights in the depths, and occasionally a few children laughed. That happiness is like the simple happiness that I have been asking for. I like this night scene. I like the freshness of this deep mountain town. I like the joy of simple life, no pressure from life, natural tranquility, fresh and beautiful. Perhaps it is too long to be immersed in the bustling bustling, perhaps in the jungle of this reinforced concrete, eager for a light rural life from the bottom of my heart, say goodbye to the hustle and noisy of the big city Newport Cigarettes Coupons, this moment, with this green hill The clear water is closely intertwined Cigarettes Online, so that the thoughts are slightly indulgent, breathing the fragrance of the green mountains and green waters, swimming between the villages and ancient villages, and enjoying the simple rhythm endowed by nature. This simple thing, let my heart rest in the lake, the light breeze across the face, with the freshness of the lake, like the gentle touch of the mother's hand. On both sides of the lakeside road, the green grass is covered with green dew, and the clear dew is hanging. The grass is hungry and sucks the crystal of the dew. Walking along the path leisurely to the depths of the woods, the leaves danced in the evening breeze, singing the songs of ", occasionally one or two leaves broke free of the mother's hand, falling with the wind, spinning in the air, falling in the air Around the roots of the tree. It is as sweet as a child resting on the mother's lap. Picking up a green leaf in the hand, and the temperature of the branches, with a layer of clouds across the water, it is extraordinarily green. I am still aimlessly moving deep into the woods. I can clearly see the lights in the depths of the woods. There are several dilapidated tile houses. I can see the walls painted with white paint. The chimney on the roof also has a blue The smoke, in the breeze, swayed up, and held the hands of the white clouds. Dissipated in the air dissolved in one color. Under the light in front of the window, two seven or eight-year-old children are chasing each other and have no worries. They are happy and happy. They are just like all children, so simple and simple. Simply happy, simple and happy. And we always make simplicity simple, how can happiness and happiness not be discounted. There are no gorgeous houses, but there is a dull sunshine. Perhaps the people who are desperately searching for the traces of happiness have not yet realized that they have been rushing to the end Marlboro Cigarettes. Have they gotten out of the way we had wanted happiness? Simplicity is also happiness, plainness is also happiness, I really want to experience their happiness, so I stepped forward and moved toward their "private manor" - the deep and deep forests, and walked long distances into the fascinating life.

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