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29.07.2019 04:18
The bitter youth is Antworten

The bitter youth is constantly being staged, and I hope that the meeting can be mixed with sweet taste, which is the testimony of our youth. Even if there is no more intersection in the future, you can face it calmly, without regrets. Spring is a melodious song that is memorable and scarred. Plato said: "The years are like a river Newport 100S, the left bank is an unforgettable memory, the left bank is a youthful year worthy of grasp, and the middle is a young and faint pain." The rotation of the time gear takes you away. The beauty and sorrow that do not belong to you pass the youth, and the general starting point is awkward. Originally thought that youth is a lotus flower in time, Gao Jie and not demon. However, it vetoes you in the most humorous way. Let the painful and painful let you know that youth is a knife in time, slowly break into your heart, stinging every nerve of you. The blood of Yin Hong slowly overflows, and it is particularly glaring, like irony and ridicule, letting you understand the demise of youth in the moment of despair Parliament Cigarettes. Time is like dripping ink, letting the youthful scrolls go away and thinking that it��s never been abandoned, but it has become a parting way; once thought it��s intimate, it has become a stranger; the good times that once thought have become regrets. The mark. The promises that have been made have long been forgotten. The belief that once was left on the road. Perhaps only the strength of the past has made me stronger. Is there a kind of loss? Do you feel heartbroken? Do not! That is the test that the years have left us. Time can make the best answer, and the years will leave the best things Marlboro Red. Remember: our youth is cool, but not sad. Jin Lan said: "Because of the pain, it is called youth." And I want to say: "Because of the displacement Cigarettes For Sale, it is called youth." Youth is flooding, and the years are broken. The beginnings of countless dreams have finally ended in a desolate way. Even so, I still pray: May the years be quiet, and peace will be quiet.
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