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w. Qu Yuan casts himself in the depression and sorrows, which makes future generations sigh, but who can understand the pain of his ideals and the helplessness of the country? In "Li Sao", "the road is long and the road is long, I will go up and down," and "long and sorrowful, to mourn the hardships of the people" is a well-known sentence. Here I read the Chinese culture and loyalty to the country and worry about the country. The feelings of the people. Outside the Lijiang Pavilion, the rivers that Longtao has gone to the south have not been seen. The scene of "rocks piercing the air and shooting the waves" is no longer a problem. There is only one pool in the boat. Here is the place where Su Shi made a boat and made a lunar month. On the bank of the bank, the word "Red Wall" was engraved on the cliff of the meteorite. The remains of the rivers washed away in the past are still faintly discernible. Su Shi, who was desecrated in Huangzhou, experienced the ups and downs of his life. "Life is like a dream, and you are still squatting in the river." He hanged the ancient wounds in Chibi, sighed and sighed, and lived in the mountains and rivers. If it is just a tragic feeling of "the world between life and the world, like a distant traveler", we may have lost one of the great writers Su Dongpo in our history. The hardships of politics and the blows of life made Su Shi quiet down, ploughing Dongpo, absorbing the thoughts of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism, and profoundly exploring the inner world. In the end, Dongpo was reborn and reinvented itself. He incorporated his political ambitions, ideals of life, and philosophical ingenuity into the creation of words, and pushed Song Ci into an elegant literary hall. "A smog of rain and rain, no rain and no clear." Here I saw the Chinese culture of the Confucian rule of the world, to rule the body, to rule the wisdom of the Buddha. Looking east to Xiangshui, Xiping Qingshan, between Songzhu Maolin, there is an elegant and simple millennium school - Yuelu Academy. The couplet on both sides of the main entrance of the academy is "only Chu has talents, Yusi is Sheng", which is the portrayal of the talents of Yuelu Academy. Eight hundred and fifty years ago Cheap Cigarettes, Yuelu Academy's Shan Changzhang (a philosopher in the Southern Song Dynasty), the bishop of Yuelu Academy, was a gathering of humanities. Zhu Xi came from Fujian to discuss the science with Zhang Wei. They discussed the important concepts in the sciences such as "Zhonghe", "Taiji" and "Benevolence" Parliament Cigarettes. Both sides received great inspiration and benefits. During this period, the two also held an open debate. This is the famous "Zhu Zhanghui". The chairs in the two lecture halls have also become the altar of Hunan culture. As the source of Huxiang culture, it has been adhering to the educational ideology of preaching the people and the people, and has practiced the fine style of study and the patriotism of the world. The broad mind constantly absorbed a large number of cultural masters such as Zhu Xi, Zhang Wei, Wang Yangming, Wang Wenqing, Zhou Dunyi, Wang Xianqian, Liang Qichao, etc., forming a unique cultural system, which also gave birth to Wang Fuzhi, Wei Yuan, Zeng Guofan, Zuo Zongtang, Cai Wei, Cai Hesen, Mao Zedong and many other people who can create ideas and advance historical processes Marlboro Lights. Here, I look at the true meaning of Chinese culture and the vicissitudes of the millennium, the Wanli River, the Chinese culture has a long history, profound and profound, it is like a magnificent treasure, waiting for us to pick and inherit
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