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26.08.2019 09:41
l sisters, Tang Yan. Antworten

The arrival of summer reminds me of the foreign national song "Reminiscence of Summer" received a text message from the courier, asking me to take the express mail at the "Lemon Daren" tea shop 150 meters east of the school Marlboro Lights. Because it rained continuously, after two days, I got the milk tea shop at noon, and a piece of express mail was neatly arranged on the ground. I kneel down, I can't find it myself. The young female shop owner asked me what my name was. I said my name. Who knows that she didn't go looking for it immediately. After a moment, she turned to look at me and said, "This name is very familiar. I remember that you are our Chinese teacher." I was a little surprised, I didn't expect I met my former students here, looking at the students in front of me, short hair, skillful, talkative, and telling the truth, I really can't recognize it at any time. Which school is the student of which school? After all, I have been teaching for nearly 30 years, I have gone through four schools in urban and rural areas, and I have taught a lot of students. In addition, after the junior high school graduates, the appearance of the students will change a lot. She made a simple self-introduction, Wu Yuping, with a twist on her school. Scorpion, ask if I have any impression. This said, think of it, she is a 2000 student. At that time, I was teaching at Daiyao Junior High School in the east of Xinghua. At that time, there were two girls in the class with long braids. One of them was her, she was tall, her throat was thick and long, and she was not as lively and talkative as she is now. When I got the express mail and left, she gave me a cup of milk tea with great enthusiasm. Then, I added WeChat and said that I immediately pulled me into the class group. Walking on the road, I was thinking, if the courier puts my courier in another transceiver store, if I don��t go to the store when I go to the courier, if I let the lover take the courier for me, maybe, today Not the student. It seems that the world is sometimes such a wonderful thing, and it is doomed to have a chance coincidence in the evening, I joined the "Recalling the third day (1) Daizhong 00 classmates" WeChat group Newport Cigarettes Coupons. Some of the students came out and said hello. Zhang Yu said to me: "Teacher, I still remember one of your words today: When the summer is over, the candle melts and melts itself and illuminates others." Oh, I remembered, the self-introduction at the time, actually It is not my originality, but quotes the words of one of their last school sisters, Tang Yan. She has ingeniously embedded my name in a sentence. It is really a loss she wants to come up!
Zhang Yu later asked another question: "Mr Cigarettes Online. Xia, do you remember who I am?" In the face of such problems, I am a little nervous, and if I can't remember it, I am a little embarrassed. Fortunately, he was impressed with him, the tall man, the square face, the burly figure, the appearance of an athlete, served as a sports committee member of the class. As soon as I said it, Zhang Yu was obviously happy: "Haha, the teacher finally remembered me!"
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