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09.09.2019 09:26
the problems of flyin Antworten

I know that I don't belong to the excitement, but where is the place where I walked on the campus in a decadent, the glimpse of the world, the sun shines. In the sun, next to the green trees, walk out of a teenager. I have seen you, but you are not you, you are called the tide line, and extended my hand to me. I think of the tide line in my novel. He is simply obsessed, but he has been frustrated by love many times. The ending in the intention is to let him and the heroine together. But you are different from him Newport Cigarettes Coupons. You are as pure as the white line at the edge of the tide, but you are more eager to be tempted, so if you are a reader, you should not feel that this encounter is very wonderful. Because he is not an ordinary person in the tide line, he is - you are like a fairy, the white shirt shines at you, but your expression is not a little sultry. I look at your face, and your eyes have the same sadness as me. We have a similar fate. I hold your hand and don't think I am stupid. This choice is wise. Since then, I have had a friend who is called the tide line. We talked about each other's affairs and found amazing agreement. We have the same sadness, the same fate, and the same confusion for these problems. Your voice and smile have since rushed into my lonely fortress, and I am open to you. The painful vows, the jokes are just self-paralyzed. In fact, I don't like to be alone, but the people around me teach me to close myself and teach me to sever communication and silence. But just as a friend is just an excuse for the weak to get together, I am just a small dust, and I am afraid of isolation. The world teaches me to be alone, I don't want to be alone, so contradictory, but since I have you, my happiness has soared, we are always together. After many exchanges, I found out that we are similar people. I once asked you how you found me. You smiled and said something like telepathy. I believe in faith, I believe it. It��s just that I still don��t know who you are, whether you are in our school or not. But you are arrogant Cigarettes Online, and I don't want to pull you into the world of mortals. But we are all voluntarily lonely and afraid of being alone. We don't want to be confused but we can't get rid of numbness. We all found a series of problems in life and tried to solve it. We are very contradictory. We will meet several times a week. Every time we meet, we will discuss some strange people to think about. We express our doubts like a poet. Why do people live? What are people going to do? Why do people have to learn something that they can't use? What kind of life do people really have? Two people asked together, I am no longer fighting alone. I used to be squandered by the problems of flying wings Marlboro Red. Now I have you, my comrades. With you, I feel that I have hope to solve these problems and become a bright and sunny teenager. I seem to see that we will spend the youthful rainy season together, as if we will see the phoenix flower no longer festering, as if we would see the pilgrim regain the faith. Since then, youth is no longer sad, and youth is no longer a regrettable period for bitter poets. Youth is no longer a shackle. Let's ask together, you read some sentences in the philosophy book, we write poetry together, we also skipped classes to be our deep thinkers, and still enjoy it. We have a
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