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09.09.2019 09:26
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very legitimate reason: to think about the problems of life before you can learn these unnecessary knowledge. We even made a poisonous oath: we must understand these issues together and never give up Marlboro Cigarettes. If it is not successful, it is not the first time I think of the word that word. When the youthful black tentacles wrapped me, I was confused for the first time. At the same time, I stood on the edge of contradictions and felt completely desperate for life for the first time. I wrote a suicide note and called my parents to the school to see the last side. I originally wanted to entrust my life to the tall building on a dark night, but I was too weak, and I was stopped by my parents. Since then, they have not let me say the word again, and when I am in despair, I always look at the top of the building and I am mentally prepared, so I did not hesitate to agree. I was more devout than you Cheap Cigarettes, but one thing is Youth is always a slogan. It is sweet and very devastating. Finally, one day, we found that each other asked to ask and there was no result. We just found the company of the same person who was sick, and our questioning always had no answer. That day, you find me, no longer look good, the sorrow in your eyes becomes messy, your face is like a frustrated little beast. You see me, strong face squeezes a smile, but his face is still pale. You didn't say anything, but I fully understood that it was time to fulfill my promise. At that time we have been with each other for a while, I will follow you. We are as voluntarily lonely and unwilling to be alone, as confused and unwilling to be confused. Before the people find the contradiction between life and youth, they must first step on the road of no return. But I have no regrets and you took me away. When I left, I felt like a quiet feather in the winter night. We sat on the top of the building and squeezed tightly. You took two bottles of poison. You apologized to me, but still stressed that the oath is not to betrayed. There is no extra explanation, and we will disappear from the world soon. In order to abide by the agreement, you and I will each take a bottle of poison to feed the other side to drink the sky. The faint star flashes the tide line. Although I know each other soon, I will not betray you. So we all drink it and it is the kind that happens very quickly. Drug effect. Throwing away the cup, we hugged tightly, endured the moment when you finally lost your life, we embraced me, we turned into a bubble but only you turned into a bubble, I looked at the bubble, asked: tide line, who are you? I want to hold your body and cry and make trouble, but you have turned into a bubble and dissipated around me. Why can't I go, why I am so weak, you can't bear to kill me at the end, I drink water, and you drink poison, so I am left alone, I still lost our youth, but it is too early Being pushed into the ranks of adults, it is full of confused confusion. We explored before others, but in the end, only this road is just that I am too weak. Youth is a group of waste paper. Don't understand it Carton Of Cigarettes, don't worry about it, don't toss yourself, okay, the tide line, you are on the tide line, we can get the happiness tide line, are you crying? I remembered that you and I discussed the relationship between character and constellation. We are all voluntarily lonely but not alone. We are all confused but can't get rid of it. We started early and regretted it. We are the same, we are sad, we are contradictory. I ask you that youth is a joke. You answered very seriously, no, youth is a waste of paper, it is difficult to smooth it. I also asked what our personality has to do with the constellation. You pretend to be profound. "Now many constellation personality analyses are chaotic. Don't believe them. Our contradictory personality does not correspond to the currently known constellations. I want To define a new constellation for us - the contradiction, then we are part of the contradiction. The ambiguity of the horizon is clear, and the stars are arranged in a contradictory aggregate. Look, contradictory, tide line, is that you change? Soon after you and I met, you have entered my life. We have the same fate, the same sadness. My world is going to collapse, I am going to be completely lost, but your shadow has intervened in my gestures. Although I still As confused as before, walking on the edge of the world, but you let me find a subordinate. I am not a lively, not a lonely, not a lost, not belonging to those who have learned nothing, for you, you and me belong to the thirteenth A constellation - contradiction, I took a name for this contradiction, called it tide line. I belong to the contradiction, I belong to you. You are the end of my constellation, etc., the tide line, the constellation is followed Corresponding month, a few months you born?
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