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In the distance, about a person, a strange place and a big bag. In the distance, there are very high mountains, mountains we have never seen before. In the distance, there is an endless plain waiting for us to measure with our feet. In the distance, a group of people live a life we ??don't know. When I was a child, when I flew from the sky, I often couldn��t help but look up and watch it pass through the thick clouds. I don't know where the people in the plane come from and where to go Marlboro Cigarettes. When I was watching TV, I always saw a hero in white, riding a white horse, carrying a beloved woman, and smashing the sword. The horse ran farther and farther in the lens, and finally became a small point disappearing behind the mountain. I don't know what people live in the mountains, what kind of world they have. When I was a child, I had a lot of yearnings, and I became very quick. After all, I couldn��t leave my parents. I occasionally went to my relatives to live in a small room. When I was young, I used to want to go wandering. Like on TV, I put on canvas shoes, carrying my big bag on my back, stuffing it into my sheets, and carrying dozens of dollars hidden under my bed. Walk along the rails and climb up when you meet the train, no matter where it heads. Later, I found out that the TV was fake. When the train came over, the speed was too fast. I couldn��t climb up. I jumped from a height. I was not dead or injured. After I was big, my yearning was getting more and more. small. I thought about going through every corner of Jilin Province. Later I found out that this was a wish that I could not finish in my life. Although Jilin Province is small, it has to be exhausted for life. It seems that the more people grow up, the more they want to go far. I have heard many people around me telling me that they have grown up to go further. Perhaps the distance is good, just because the distance is unknown, we are willing to spare no effort to find. We sketched a beautiful place in our minds and then carried the bag forward to the distance. We walked on the road with our bags and lost our youth on the road. Slowly, we are old, we can't walk, and finally think of lying on the side of the road to rest. Looking back, I found out that we have been to so many places, so many of us have thought it is a distant place. And the distance in our hearts is farther away from us as we get to the place. Where is our distance? Perhaps there is no such thing as a distant place Or maybe like Haizi said: in the distance, nothing but far away. But I feel that the distance is in our hearts, the place closest to us. We took it on the road and experienced so many winters and heats, joy and sadness. Finally, we are buried with our distant places and become a distant place in the eyes of others. The place where I have been is no longer far away, so no one in this world has ever reached a distant place. Like a distant landscape, it can stand in the hopelessness. Countless people carry their bags to the distance Marlboro Gold. I don��t know. I feel that I have spent the spring, summer, autumn and winter in their lives.

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