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24.09.2019 04:45
certain poetry writi Antworten

After the first winter vacation after work, Cha Haisheng bought several pieces of clothes with wages, ready to be worn for fathers, mothers and younger brothers. A variety of Beijing-style snacks were packed with a large bag. This is the gift that his parents who came home as a staff member saw their son's gift. They were very happy. When they asked about the price, they were shocked. The price of a dress was enough to buy a few rice. They blame the eldest son for not being so wasting, pay attention to frugality, and have to set up a family business in the future, and the extra money will be saved for use in the home Parliament Cigarettes. The spring breeze of reform and opening up has blown into thousands of households. The Chinese society has undergone rapid changes. Some people in the village have already earned some money by selling small hawkers and selling small commodities. They used the money they earned to re-open the previously dilapidated houses. The large tile houses of these people are located in the middle of many earthen houses in Chawan Village Newport 100S. It is particularly dazzling and prominent. The large tile houses are much stronger than those of adobe grass houses. In the winter, the biting cold wind can't get in, and in the summer it rains, and it won't be leaked inside. The Cha Zhenquan couple did not want to cover a few decent large tile houses. The whole family was comfortable and comfortable to live in, but there was no money on hand. He wants to wait for his eldest son to get married and get some money to build a big tile house. The dream of the couple is to be realized by their Cha Haisheng! Cha Haisheng is now a pillar of the family. Every time at home for the New Year, Cha Haisheng and three younger brothers sleep in a room. There were two beds in the room. Cha Haisheng and his younger brother, Cha Yuming, slept in a bed. The second brother, Cha Yucheng, and the third brother, Cha Yujun, slept in a bed. Cha Haisheng explained poetry to the younger brother with a higher level of education, and the younger brother did not like it. When he was interested in being strong, several younger brothers clamored for his brother to tell them something interesting and interesting in Beijing. During the Spring Festival in 1984, in addition to visiting several teachers in high school, Cha Haisheng did not go out. He calmed down and wrote some sporadic poems at home. His writing ideas did not seem to be smooth. A poem needs to be considered very long. Time and writing often stop. Cha Haisheng, who already possesses a certain poetry writing art, does not satisfy the need of temporary emotional bursting. He wants to pursue a higher level of poetry. This is the combination of ideological art and language art of poetry as an organic whole. From the North China Plain to the hometown of Huaining, the land has given people special feelings. In the eyes of farmers, the yellow land is their life. At this time, Yueshan Town, not far from his hometown Marlboro Gold, has already found a considerable amount of copper ore storage, and will soon be mined, and it is possible that the surrounding villages that may be involved in their own homes have the same mineral deposits in Chawan Village. This will mean that the land where their ancestors lived will be replaced by industrial mines. Excavators and drilling machines will make this land riddled with holes. What will farmers who lose their land do?

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