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01.10.2019 11:21
Transfers in football Antworten

Transfers in football are quite ordinary event that does not cause confusion or excitement. Some players outgrow the club and go for promotion, while others are driven only by a passion for material values, others are dissatisfied with their position in the team and go in search of a better life. Examples of loyalty to the club, such as Paolo Maldini or John Terry stand out from the General number and go into the past.

Bookmakers wouldn't be bookmakers if they didn't take bets on football transfers. Any sporting event that is interesting to players, bookmakers skillfully turn into income. It can not be said that you will not win when betting on transfers, but you need to be able to find useful and little-known information.

There are two types of transfer rates:

the bookmaker offers the player and lists the clubs to which he can go with the odds on them;
the bookmaker offers a team and several players who claim to move into it with quotes for these events.
Example rates for transfers
Example of Pin-up bet bets on Paul Pogba transfer

Paul Pogba is now one of the tidbits in the transfer market. Even though Juventus is currently in the TOP 10 clubs in Europe, Pogba has already outgrown the level of the Italian championship, so his transfer to an English or Spanish club looks quite reasonable. Also, do not forget about PSG, which can not entice the player level of the championship, but the club has other tools to pressure the players.

Pin Up bookmaker offers the following odds on the transfer of Paul Pogba. Please note that the bookmaker assigns a certain time for the transfer, namely until September 4, 2016.

As you can see, the best chance to get a player from Manchester city. The club can give the player the opportunity to play in a serious championship, in addition, the "citizens" have money and there are certain ambitions.

When assessing the possibility of a player's transition to a certain club, the following factors should be considered
The motivation of the player.
All players ideally dream of winning titles and getting a good salary, but it turns out so far not everyone. If the age player does not have titles, he will certainly prefer the team with which you can win a championship or an international tournament. The most obvious example of recent years, is the transition of van Persie from his native Arsenal to MU, where he won the Premier League in his first season.
Loyalty to the current club.
It's hard to imagine John Terry in MU or Igor Akinfeev in Spartak. If these people ever leave their current clubs, it will surely be a team from another country. In extreme cases, the transition will be carried out in a neutral club, but not in the camp of the enemy (although history knows such examples).
The material aspect.
As sad as it may be from this fact, but the money is largely driven by the players, otherwise the Chinese super League would not be replenished with the stars of the first magnitude in such a short time. Clubs such as PSG or Manchester city can afford to overpay a player.
Relations between the clubs.
As you know, many clubs not only maintain friendly relations, but also fix them on paper. A stronger team can agree with its partner on the priority right of redemption of players.
The personality of the coach means a lot to the players. Some of them dream of working with Jose Mourinho or Josep Guardiola and such statements can often be found in previous interviews with players. In addition, the coach can pull in his current team of players he coached before. If a player under this coach was getting playing time, he will surely trust him again.
Partners in command is coming.
Many young players have idols in the world of football, who still continue to play. Surely the player will not refuse the opportunity to play in the same team with his idol, in any case, it will be a big argument in favor of this team.
Often football agents are a kind of gray cardinals who can put pressure on both the player and the team. If the agent holds the situation completely in their hands, then surely he will be able to carry out a transfer to the club, which will be the most profitable in material terms.
We must also take into account the fact that the players want to live in a comfort zone, so Latin Americans, under equal conditions, are more likely to prefer the Spanish club than the English or German. In England or Germany, you need to learn the language and adapt to a new culture, Spain in this regard is much closer to them.
Mutual transfer of players

These are just the main factors that need to be taken into account when assessing the chances of a player's transfer. The more information you will operate, the higher your chances of correctly assessing the chances of a player's transition. Also note that the odds of bookmakers on such markets can vary greatly. Study all such offers to place a bet on the highest odds.

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02.10.2019 16:08
#2 RE: Transfers in football Antworten

Sports betting can bring quite solid and constant income. This type of income does not require significant investments from you. But, to turn the game into a serious source of income, it is also worth taking it seriously. To do this, just familiarize yourself with a few features and learn a couple of rules. And of course - time and desire.

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02.10.2019 16:16
#3 RE: Transfers in football Antworten

Select the company you need. The right choice of a bookmaker does not guarantee you success, but it will provide security, guarantee payments and offer the best that is on the market. Get interested in young companies. Very often, new bookmakers offer better services, better odds, because they are fighting for a place in the market. Over time, you can create accounts on several online sites. Pay attention if there are restrictions and locks.

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09.10.2019 07:31
#4 RE: Transfers in football Antworten

At work, when there is a bit of free time, you can quickly study the line in the most important places and outline some interesting events that you should take a closer look at at home in the evening. Upon arrival home, you can safely analyze these events with a calculator, give a forecast and make a bet. It is important to have a stable and fast Internet in your smartphone. Thus, you can analyze the painting and, if necessary, make bets on the go. If a suitable event comes up, then why not make real money on it.

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09.10.2019 07:44
#5 RE: Transfers in football Antworten

What happens to a person who gets tired behind the wheel of his car? The same thing will happen with sports investments, if they are managed with a “heavy head”. Everyone periodically has a feeling of fatigue and depression. In such a lowered state, as well as with alcohol, it is not necessary to begin to “manage” your investments. When the body is tired (mentally or physically), it does not produce anything good.
If you sit down tired, make forecasts only to justify yourself - it will be a gross mistake, for which you will have to pay real money online. It is better to rest first, and after that, having gained strength and energy, proceed to betting.

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21.03.2020 21:58
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