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a dry area, but it� Antworten

Once upon a time, an explorer went alone to explore the desert. The terrain of the desert is strange, the explorer is trapped in the desert, and the water bottle on the body has bottomed out. At this time, a person came. This person saw him and said that he gave him the water in his kettle. After he finished the water, the man did not have water. The two of them personally encouraged each other in the desert. When I gave up, a passing plane saved them. "Why do you want to give me water to drink, give me water, you may also die," the explorer asked "because I think there should be love in the world." The man replied that the explorer had written a book after he went back. The book sold very well, and the explorer lived a happy life because of the book. Although I have already lived in a house and opened a car Cheap Cigarettes, the explorer still loves to travel. Once he came to a poor village that was suffering from drought. He walked into the village and saw a familiar figure. The man was the one who gave him water. He was slamming the dirty and dirty water on the ground. The explorer immediately gave him water to drink. Later, he learned that the drought in this village was very serious. One scientist said that there was water under the soil Carton Of Cigarettes. However, the village was very poor. There was no tool to dig the explorer. The explorer took a look at the phone and gave the secretary a call. He asked the secretary to rent a few well-drilling machines. It��s hard to know how difficult it is to dig a dry area, but it��s hard to find a well. But the explorer just let the well team stay here for a year and dug out two wells. The village regained the vibrant look of the past. The man who had saved the explorer asked: "Why do you want to help me. "You don't know that China has a sentence." He said: "The grace of dripping water is when the spring is "Report," not to mention that you saved my life Newport 100S. There is no gorgeous house in the world, you can have no sedans. But you can't have no gratitude. The most important thing in a person's life is to have a grateful heart.
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