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gurriii pawa ( Gast )

05.11.2019 11:16 Antworten

dxn code strike even know how I got into it but um you know I went I was raw vegan for a year I mean I've done it oh I've been like way too thin I've lost muscle and I'm like okay well I mean thankfully didn't cause any kind of weird not weird but just a disorder where I couldn't get over it I just you know I was aware I saw it I didn't feel good so I just made a change right and um yeah but I took I kind of cherry picked a stare and efforting would say I love that because I really do cherry pick from you know vegan all that sort of thing and I still implement a lot of that into my current our current notion of cooking I think it's a good approach yeah and just to kind of see what fits us and and it can be seasoned all the way we eat too so yeah I just we don't count macros but we have very good gut diversity we think we hope I think there's a lot of questions here so someone saying it's focused on the background both of you are out of focus but it's okay what's up with that so Deanna want you share a story while I fix well I'm just gonna make another point about the resilience um it has really I I I've always had pretty good resilience but it has made me a

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