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18.11.2019 04:31
When the buds bloom Antworten

When the buds bloom, he never forgets to drop a petal. It is a grateful poem, thanks to the land that feeds it. When the leaves fall from the tree, he never forgets to spin around the big tree. That is A grateful dance, thanksgiving to raise its big tree; the grass is dry, but the roots are still deep in the earth, it is a grateful kiss, thanks to the land that carries it is grateful, let us learn to be human, is grateful, let We understand the true meaning of life. Family kinship is a kind of medical agent. When we encounter setbacks, failures, or even give up our lives, we are affectionate, giving us enough confidence and giving us the courage and hope to live. Family is a star in the dark. When we are jealous and confused, it is the family that guides us in the right direction. Therefore, let us find the light and reach the other side of success. When I was a child, my father and mother were the sky, and I was a little bird flying in the sky. I was a spoiled child. When I grew up, my father and mother were a sea, and I was a small boat in the sea. I was eager to get to the other side. The sea. But the sea didn't let me leave him. I was thundering. The sea was bruised by me, but I still said, "No." When I grew up, Mom and Dad were an umbrella for me to avoid the storm. At the moment Marlboro Red, I was eager to run wild under the rain. I pushed off the umbrella and ran in the rain, letting the umbrella call in the back. Mom and Dad have been tolerant of us, no matter what we become, in their hearts, we have always been the favorite of their hearts. When we are growing up a little bit, Mom and Dad are gradually getting embarrassed. The years are ruthless, their white hair is gradually increasing, that is our masterpiece, their wrinkles like a sickle cut through the calm lake, that is the trace we used to cut with a knife Newport Cigarettes Coupons. Mom and Dad are working hard all their lives. No matter how big we are, in their eyes, we will always be children who are not big. The wish of every parent's life is to hope that the child can become a useful person. They never want us to give them how much money, how much, and how much. Just ask us to live a better life, and we are happy in life. As the saying goes: Father loves mountains, can shelter the wind and rain; mother loves water, can moisten everything Online Cigarettes. However, when the mountains are down, when the water is exhausted, we can't just know the request. We must know how to return, know how to be grateful, even if we only wash our parents' feet, peel off an orange, and smash it back. Well, it should be reported by the springs. Not to mention that we are born to raise us, to give thanks to all our parents, to make people face life in the face of adversity, and to be grateful to a person who is cynical and learn to respect. Life; gratitude, can make our family more harmonious; grateful, can also let us have a sincere friendship. Only by learning to be grateful can you live a better life. Now, I think I have become a father's crutches. When he is tired, there is a reliance; now, I have also become a mother's parasol. When she is sweating, there are places to hide, flowers and leaves. Grass knows how to be grateful, let alone us who are the spirit of all things? Let us be grateful for family and cherish this hard-won happiness.
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