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Long Huaxia's Eternal Antworten

Long Huaxia's Eternal Dreams The inexhaustible cultural journey "sounds the autumn wind, set the wine to fly the winter snow", in this lonely winter, deep winter, I shouted for the Chinese culture in my heart, shouting, boiling. With the brushwork of Mr. Yu Qiuyu, I revisited the miracle created by this great nation. Gently enter the situation in the book, I think carefully, can not help but be serious, like a group of exiled children, exiled to an unfamiliar land, forcing me to be led by that history and culture Go ahead. So there was a stone cave in Mogao Grottoes in front of my eyes. The stone caves are still spectacular, real images, murals still do not say, I quietly watched the changes of light and shadow projected on the stone walls, as they quietly watched the changes of the Dunhuang millennium, My amazement is just a small sandstone. What I feel here is the precipitation of thousands of years of culture. The history of a period of time is relived. The rotations of the dynasties are all here. This is not just a paradise for religion. It is the epitome of Chinese civilization. It is the prosperity of the Tang Dynasty. The chaos of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The rest is the footprint of modern scholars. I can only describe it with worship, and only it can be lined up. In Dunhuang, lonely. Tomb. Let me smash for the decaying memory of the nation, let a car and a box of artifacts take away from the dark cave Parliament Cigarettes. I saw that the Chinese nation was bleeding, yes. It was the Taoist who took this sharp knife into her chest. But the decaying feudal dogma became a rope. I fixed this knife firmly, and I hate it. Today, many years later, the mysterious and meaningful caves can attract everyone's attention. It is not a dazzling appearance, but it is just a kind of ritual, a kind of humanity, and its deep hidden treasure. I see here, beauty. There is also a world of religion, and it is a specimen of the Chinese millennium, a specimen of the same beauty, even if it was once broken, ruthless, arbitrary conversion. From the "Three Gorges", I am immersed in the scenery of blue water and blue sky, let me Contemplation is the culture of the two sides. Wang Zhaojun. Qu Yuan. Li Bai... This is a historical celebrity. Remembering that they are not only history, but also the landscapes of these two shores, the smell is their breath, only this There will be such people in the place, walk through such mountains. Such water. Look for their traces from such words. In Yu Qiuyu's pen, Wang Wei's farewell is soft. In the rainy and rainy desert, even warm clothes will feel biting, and a sentence of "persuading the king to make a glass of wine, the west out of the sun without a reason" but the warmest sentiment Friends, now only to find Wang Wei's horseshoe print will arrive, only those who want to experience him, who want to pass on him, will see this cup of thin wine so heavy, and Yu Qiuyu is such a person . When I came to the ancient battlefield, there were countless bare graves Carton Of Cigarettes. From his pen, I saw the generals wearing armor and wielding swords, and saw the blood of the earth slowly soaking into the ground, lying quietly here. It is the victim of war. In the inheritance of civilization, countless blood lessons remind me of the love of peace. Yu Qiuyu's Dujiangyan is the soul of Li Bing's father and son. This water conservancy building that has benefited the millennium makes me realize the miracle of the miracle again. Its soul is unyielding, wisdom, decisive, and brave. I am willing to bend my knees. It is China's treasure is even more my pursuit, it is the backbone of the Chinese nation. Mr. Yu Qiuyu attracts readers with his unique writing charm. It is a bitter memory. After the anxiety, the relaxation after meditation, the young man of the old man puts forward this kind in the flourishing era of carrying forward our splendid civilization. On the point of view, nature is more noticeable. The ancient Chinese civilization has created a flourishing age in ancient times. In order to preserve the culture that once flourished and passed away from generation to generation, people have successively built large buildings such as Mogao Grottoes, Dujiangyan, and even ordinary arches. The library is also printed with culture. Mark of. But people's ideals are always good, but the years are against the people, and the changes are endless. People want to save things to a certain limit or they will be washed away by time. Therefore, I "face the past and the present" Because only those who can truly recognize the historical situation can print their own ruts on the basis of the historical wheel. "The sentimentality of history will always increase the load of life, and the sense of vicissitudes of life is caused by the vicissitudes of history." This is the author's sigh, but also the enlightenment to the reader. A person's life is also a piece of history. The road to life is crooked; looking back at the footprints left behind, it is inevitable that you feel a little embarrassed. Because no matter how brilliant your success, you will always regret this or that. The author trek between the mountains and rivers is to record the footprint of history, the soul of culture; I am trekking in life to seek the true meaning of life. Closing the book, I can't help but walk to the window. The flowing car tide and the crowd are self-declaring another culture. Here is Kaohsiung, and the homeland of the millennium culture is deeply buried Cigarettes Online. Perhaps we should have full of doubts about Chinese culture. Going to the vast land in person, let me read the book, the heavy and strenuous pace, also walked on it.
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