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05.12.2019 07:15
I don't know if you Antworten

I don't know if you can receive this letter, but I still have to say what I should say. To be honest, I am worried about you. I do n��t know if you are happy, are you doing things you like, or are you spending your time doing things you do n��t like, but you still work hard for your life, Still, you are drinking tea, chatting, shopping, doing leisurely but not fulfilling things with your best sisters. For me, everything about you is still unknown. Now I have been struggling with how to choose. I like writing, but my mother recently heard that learning sketches can add points to the middle school test. I know that adding points is important, but I do n��t want to force myself to do things I do n��t like, Worried about my entrance exam, what should I do, I don't know myself. May the future you not be entangled in certain things, the multiple-choice questions you make on your life answer sheet do not hesitate to choose the answer that you have always been firm, even if it is wrong, you must go on bravely, any time Do not forget the original intention. Now I have a little pride because I have passed the ideal middle school. I know that pride is wrong. So I hope that no matter what you do in the future, you wo n��t be proud of a little success, because at this time, the victory Lose no one knows, you are just a small step over others. Maybe when you are proud, others are not willing to fail, and they keep trying. Maybe he wo n��t succeed, and no one will. Knowing who can laugh until the last mother said, I am like a headless fly flying around, flying without purpose, I hope that in the future, when you do things, you can set a small target before doing it, wait until the small target Achieve, set bigger and more distant goals, and always work towards them. I hope you do n��t change your goals on the way, so you never know what you should do. I hope you can keep a diary every day in the future, although I know You are an outgoing girl, but you should prefer to express your happiness and sorrow in words. You can also use your notebook to write down what you want to say to yourself and your expectations for tomorrow. Hope and plan, no matter how well you write, these memories will be permanently saved, so that when you are okay in middle age or old age, you can take them out and double them, as if you were back in childhood Newport Cigarettes Coupons, remembering the stupid things you have done and Sad thing Marlboro Cigarettes, after reading it again, it seems to be full of youthful vitality. I like to travel everywhere, I hope you will like it in the future. In my life, travel is a kind of enjoyment, the best way to relax and relieve stress, travel If you love photography, take your camera and record every scene. Do n��t be greedy if you go out often. Go out once in a while, save enough money, and look forward to the next time. Travel, do you like the seaside, let the sea breeze blow on your cheek quietly, leave all the troubles and unhappiness behind, and appreciate the scenery is too late, how can there be time to take care of those depressing things? May you in the future be able to Continue to fall in love with reading, and enjoy reading quietly alone. I know that you want to be a writer like Chang'an in August. This is a profession you love. I hope you have finished reading your own writing. When writing an article, you will also slowly appreciate the book they wrote. When you write an article, your mind is blank. Go read. Maybe you can find the inspiration you want in the book. Reading is really a good habit. . I know, you are a very acute girl, you ca n��t learn, you ca n��t bear it, but do n��t worry, you still have a long way to go, step by step, slowly come to your world, there are many people Like you, how many people hate you? Remember, you do n��t live for anyone, you live for yourself, you do n��t have to do anything to think about what other people think, you do your thing, what others say you have to learn to turn a blind eye, you do n��t have to The words they spoke shed tears and it was not worth it. Your path is not good. I have known for a long time. I hope you do n��t go all the way. You go wrong if you go wrong. There is no need to regret anything. What is the use of regret? How can you grow slowly without experiencing setbacks I hope you grow up slowly in failure. Do n��t value the results. The process is the most precious. I like your confidence, like your smile, and your disapproval. At any time, you must tell yourself: I am the most Strong, nothing is impossible Cheap Cigarettes.
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