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The beauty blooming Antworten

The beauty blooming in the desert-I have read the story of the Sahara. I have always loved this strange woman who came out of the Sahara desert. Reading her articles always brings me different feelings; understanding her experience makes me suddenly open to the meaning of life. This strange woman is the author of The Story of Sahara, San Mao. San Mao is a person who loves freedom, is passionate about fantasy, and is unwilling to compromise with anyone. When San Mao saw the Sahara Desert in the National Geographic magazine, she felt the nostalgia of the past life. Since then, she is determined to go to that desolate land, not afraid of the yellow sand and the wind Cheap Cigarettes, and not wanting to be a female explorer, just to fulfill a wish: "There is nostalgia in my memories of previous lives" Mao came to the Sahara, came to this small town called Ayong, and lived in a small, broken house. The story of the Sahara began. Although there is no water or electricity here, and some are just the long yellow sand and the burning sun, San Mao and Jose quickly adapted to life here. They started to decorate the house by themselves, in order to save money, they even made wooden boxes with coffins for furniture. Soon, they decorated their home into the most beautiful house in Sahara, a beautiful and holy temple. So they got married. Jose, who knew Sanmao's heart best, gave her a camel skull! With a pair of bright eyes, this couple with a sense of life explored the story of the Sahara, just as Sanmao said: "This time we went straight to the Sahara, we both fell into its love network, and we can't do without this piece. The wasteland of flowers. " San Mao ��s article always seems to be telling us her experience and feelings in the Sahara in a very warm tone. There is no gorgeous rhetoric, but there is a convincing language. People's hearts. "People, it's weird. Without outsiders to conquer you, you often don't see your own value." What a philosophical language, but how meticulous it is Marlboro Red, and how it fits our psychology: so many people always feel Inferiority, the reason is that you feel that you are not recognized; but if you are falsely praised by many people, even if you are not perfect, you will breed arrogance in the words of others; "The process of life, whether it is Yangchun Baixue , Green vegetable tofu, I have to taste what it tastes, so I do n��t want to go away like this! ��This sentence makes me feel the same outside the book, the process of life is a process of enjoyment, why should it be all day long, or bland Throughout this life, we should all understand a truth: when it comes, then An Zhisan Mao conquered me Online Cigarettes, not only her lonely and autistic youth, the disasterful emotional process, but also not only the "Sahara story "The legendary wandering stories mentioned in" ", as well as her natural and natural text, as well as her true disposition to dare to love. As she said to herself, she is the soul riding on the back of the paper. Hongchen's unrepentant dreamer is her true disposition to dare to love and to create the ultimate life of her wonderful life. The beauty in the desert continues in the hearts of every reader
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