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17.12.2019 07:07
I have always liked Antworten

I have always liked San Mao's works. Reading her articles always brings me a sense of levelness, just like a good friend of mine is communicating with me face-to-face. I like to watch Sanmao's expression of love to Jose in "How Many Flowers Are Falling in a Dream", and I appreciate Sanmao's positioning of his relationship with Central and South America in "A Thousands of Mountains and a Thousand Mountains", but I especially like it in " The atmosphere and depth described in The Sahara Story. In her writing, everything seems so brisk: when faced with the endless and unreasonable entanglement of the Saharawis, she took it with some helplessness; she regretted it when she screamed her parents' name with the pain of wearing a necklace However, afterwards, she began to miss such an experience; and she used details to light up her life and make her house a pearl in the desert. Every time I read this, my heart filled with joy Wholesale Cigarettes, but I thought carefully that life in the desert must be extremely difficult, but it was easy for her because of her love. It is also because of the deep love between San Mao and Jose that San Mao has been in deep pain for a long time after the accidental death of Jose Cheap Cigarettes, including the last choice of suicide in stockings. I'm in the midst of it. It is said that the text is like a person. From her rustic articles, I can also imagine the appearance of San Mao. A face with a slightly powdered face is full of intellectuality, and maybe there is always a large cloak on the body, in the boundless desert Walking around with the envy of a group of Africans, she won waves of jealousy or desire. But she is such a person, saying that she is casual and that she is self-centered. Anyway, I am dumping for her style. I also hope that I can start a journey of walking and walking quietly. I can walk in the Sahara one day to see the vast sunset and the sandstorm that I feel is not very good. Even if the journey is full of twists and turns, you must do it bravely, because as Sanmao said: whether it is Yangchun Baixue or green tofu, I have to taste what it is. Admired her courage and wandering souls from other countries, and also loved her beautiful language, such as: every time I miss you, a grain of sand floats in the sky, and a Sahara is formed! The serene, quiet and deep beauty was touched with almost pain. The road, like a glowing river, flows straight under the sky. The poem-like language is not flashy, but true. In addition to these, I was more touched by San Mao ��s goodwill Newport Cigarettes. In Mao Xinghu, San Mao became everyone ��s free doctor. In Doll Bride, she wept for the poor Guka, but I ��m most moved by �� In the "Slave Slave" San Mao tirelessly helped the Slaves, even under the pressure of local secular vision, and finally felt sad for his incompetence. This is San Mao, the most free and easy woman in the world. Although she has left us for more than 20 years, the sense of wandering she has brought to the world is still flowing in the world. I often imagine that in the Sahara, tens of thousands of kilometers away, a lotus flower is still happy to settle there, and use her optimism to light the desert desolation
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