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"Water Margin" is one of the four famous books in China and one of my favorite books. How much do you like it? Quietly tell you, I have five versions of The Marsh, novels, classical Chinese, comic strips ... the same story, multiple forms of reading and telling, let me get endless happiness from reading over and over again. When I finished reading The Water Margin for the fifth time, my parents took me to Liangshan. When I touched Wang Lun's Broken Golden Pavilion, when I sat on Song Jiang's first spot, when I Looking at the stories in the book and showing them one by one, I feel that I am the happiest child in the world. So what kind of book is this? This book is about the story of the late Song dynasty, Ji Gai led Liu Tang, Wu Yong, Bai Sheng and other brothers to occupy Liangshan. They set up a banner for the skywalk, and gathered the world's best men to gather in Liangshan and kill Wealth for the poor, walking for the sky, drinking in large bowls, eating meat in large mouths, live a life of fairness, thinness, and freedom. In this way, with the joint efforts of the brothers, Liang Shan gradually became stronger. Just when Liangshan reached its heyday, unfortunately, it happened. The elder brother, whom the audience loved, succumbed to death. Song Jiang became the leader of Liangshan. Song Jiang was loyal, but somewhat foolish. He eventually led his brothers to accept the court's offer, and was finally poisoned by a dark Song Dynasty trespasser. The story of Liang Shan's heroes ended tragically. The story of Liang Shan's heroes attracted me deeply. I like Wu Yong who is resourceful, Lu Zhishen who is infinitely powerful, Gongsun Sheng who is calling for the wind and rain, Wu Song who is handsome and courageous, and Bai Sheng who is timid like a mouse Cheap Cigarettes. These vivid characters not only enrich my spiritual world, but also influence Grow with my character. For example, the person I disliked most in The Marsh was Song Jiang. Everyone said that in time, Songjiang rained, and Yibo Yuntian. But in my opinion, he is cowardly and opinionless. If you look closely at the water margins, you will find an interesting phenomenon. When the brothers tried their best to catch the thieves and tied the flowers to Song Jiang, Song Jiang, without exception, would only do two things, the first one was loose, and the second one kneeled. In this way, he lowered himself to the humility of the dust in exchange for the moving of others, and joined Liangshan. If it meets. On the one hand, the robbers who invaded our country are not relentless. When American submarines forcibly broke into the waters of our country, we mercilessly salvaged and detained them, which really gave Chinese people great aspirations! This is the leader we need! If there is also a bit of domineering of President Xi on Song Jiang, I believe that the end of the heroes will not end in such a miserable! And in "Water Margin", my favorite person is the tiger hero Wu Song. He was both brave and handsome, facing the tiger, showing decisive wisdom. I admire Wu Song's courage to head up when facing danger! I remember when I started swimming, the coach asked me to take off the sleeves. I was so scared that I didn't dare to go into the water and feared that I would sink. But thinking of the hero Wu Song in my heart, I immediately had strength in my heart. What is this little water afraid of? So, now I have the freedom to swim in the water. Yes, Wu Song, he has always helped me to overcome the fears and difficulties in life. The characters in "Water Margin" have their strengths and weaknesses. Zi said: "Three people must have my teacher, choose those who are good and follow them Cigarettes Online, and those who are not good." I will continue to love the water Margins, love the Chinese, choose their good deeds, and follow them. Change their badness
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