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03.01.2020 08:56
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During the winter vacation Parliament Cigarettes, I was fortunate to have read the "Bronze Sunflower" written by Mr. Cao Wenxuan. I read this kind of children's literature for the first time. The text was pure like a drop of dew, crystal clear and translucent. However, in this crystal clear a kind of sadness was reflected. The pain revealed in the pure beauty clings to the hearts of the people, and the beauty revealed in the pain is even deeper. After reading such a text, he unknowingly entered the world of bronze sunflowers. The city girl Sunflower followed her father to a village called Damaidi. She was lonely and met a country boy who was also silent and could not speak. The accidental death of Dad made Sunflower a helpless orphan. The poor but kind bronze family adopted her, and Sunflower and Bronze became sibling friends. In the life of coarse tea and light rice, the family spent all their efforts to raise sunflowers, and the bronze took care of the sunflowers in silence: for the sunflowers to go to school, the bronze gave up their dream of going to school; In the cold winter, I also sold the reed shoes on my feet; in order not to "borrow the lights" when sunflowers do their homework at night Wholesale Cigarettes, bronze caught fireflies and made ten pumpkin lanterns. In today's rich life, we may have lost With the opportunity to experience beauty in pain, Bronze Sunflower undoubtedly showed us another world and made another kind of sound. It lets us know that there are sufferings everywhere in life, and there is more touching beauty in sufferings. Although the Bronze family is very poor, and sometimes they ca n��t even eat enough, their lives are far worse than ours. Unlike what we want to eat, what we want to drink, but some of us still suspect this, and feel like our parents owe them all day. Compared with bronze sunflowers, don't we feel ashamed? We live in a place with good conditions and live a life in heaven in the eyes of bronze and sunflowers, but we are far worse than bronze and sunflowers. When they were working in the field, we watched TV at home; while they were eating coarse tea on the table, we were complaining about the mountain and sea food; when they squeezed the legs of the parents, we were not counting all of the parents ... We were so spoiled and indulged that we never felt bitter, let alone the locust plague or whirlwind suffered by the bronze sunflower. But carefully, what is the significance of our life? Frustration and pain are only part of life Newport 100S. The best gems need to be carved; the best saplings also need pruning. Only when freed from pain, is the true strong one, and can you feel the true beauty of suffering! How many storms the Bronze family has experienced, they never complain at all, they care about each other, understand each other, and the atmosphere of love tightly surrounds them. Sunflowers are not their loved ones, but I am touched by the warmth of being not loved but loved by relatives. Seeing the last natural segment, my tears spring out. Sunflowers are about to gand kind. Everyone in the loving world cares about others like the Bronze family, so how beautiful this world will be! People cannot only care about themselves, but only pay attention to material life. More importantly, they must have a spirit of devotion and love. With love, even if life is hard and tiring, your heart is full and happy.
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