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ÿþThough perhaps adidas boost not the most popular adidas model, the adidas Originals Basket Profi is a classic. As of late, adidas has been dressing the model in interesting, eye-catching designs like the "Eagle" Basket Profi from the "Luxury Pack." This time around, adidas has chosen to go even further outside the box with this Basket Profi OG . The shoe is segmented vertically into fourths, essentially making the shoe look like it is actually a frankenstein-esque combination of four shoes. Tell us in the comments how you feel about these, and stick with Sneaker News for updates on these and other colorways.

RF: Only when the athletes and the machines tell us "it's too light". What that means is that we'll get athlete feedback  but they'll never say "hey it's too light", but that it doesn't have enough support in certain areas, and those things represent "it's too light". On the other side, we've got the machines that test the pull-strength, and if doesn't withstand the pull-strength, we don't get lighter, adidas zx flux we have to add to it to make it stronger. I think with materials science and the way it is, and with bio-mechanics and polymer experts, I think there's a long way to go in the lightweight direction.

RF: I purposely carried on the three stripes on the ankle, because the fastest things are on the back, and adidas originals ultra boost men also by freezing them in that spot, it gives it the identity  just look at the Stan Smith and once you see the perforated stripes, you know instantly that it's a Stan Smith. I feel with the the Crazy Light, it's so iconic and once its there, its there, so I can stop focusing on that and start focusing on innovation and improvements in other areas.Elysia Davis: The Crazy Light 2 started with a review of the Crazy Light 1. We wanted to get a hold of what we achieved and what we wanted to improved.

The Crazy Light 1 was really a statement of "Lightweight" and "Innovation", so when we moved adidas nmd r1 on to the Crazy Light 2, we definitely wanted to get lighter, so that was the first point we wanted to achieve. When we start at any shoe construction, we start at even before the samples, so it's a review of sketches; Robbie had a lot of design ideas, so we sit down in a cross-functional team and go through which ideas seem to get after the concept, anytime we need to bring in our engineers to consult on Sprint Frame or any of the herringbone pattern, so we do a review of just sketches, then we go to a 2-D cat, then a 3-D cat, and review those before we even work on any tooling.

We also run a series of parallel tests within our sports research lab  we have over fifteen tests that we put every single basketball shoe through, and that goes from traction, to cushioning, to flexibility, to torsional flexibility. We also have biomechanical testing  we get our lead athletes to perform agility drills, record the time it takes to complete the drill, the forces that they can generate, and of course, how the shoe is holding up using a lot of high-speed video. So from there, we complete a list of things that are great, and things that we want to improve on.

Any adidas basketball shoe fans out there wondering what's coming up next? Today you can get a good idea about what adidas gazelle the next season of adidas hoops will be offering with this early preview of the fall 2017 line. First up is the next Crazy Explosive , which maintains a very similar design as the current bold silhouette with a few tweaks like a elastic knit collar and a more rounded-off look to the midsole. You can also preview what appears to be the next Crazylight Boost, as well as what may be most notable to you, the next Damian Lillard signature shoe, the Dame 4. Stay tuned to Sneaker News for further updates on the next season of adidas hoops.

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