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Although Songkran is Antworten

Although Songkran is a very important festival for the Dai people, he is also a very important festival for the De'ang people in Yunnan. The Deang ethnic group is located in Yunnan and is a unique ethnic group in Yunnan. The De'ang people mainly live in Luxi County and Zhenkang County of Yunnan Province. A few live in Yingjiang, Ruili, Longchuan, Baoshan, Lianghe, Gengma and other places, and live together with the Dai, Jingpo, Wa and other ethnic groups. I understand the Songkran Festival of the Deang ethnic group quite well. I remember an old legend: in ancient times, there was a hardworking woman in the village of Deang. When her only son, Afu, turned two years old, her husband died. . She worked hard, saved money, and raised her son into an adult, but she was overworked and blinded. The old mother was very hard to do things and was often scolded by her son. On the seventh day after the Ching Ming Festival of the year, Afo went up the mountain to cut wood and saw a crow flying from a tree with a worm in his mouth to feed a crow with a thin body Cigarettes For Sale. Afo was enlightened by the crow's title of gracious mother, regretting that she should not abuse her sick mother. The old mother heartbroken her son's hard work Online Cigarettes, and cooked this hungry that day, and gave him a stick. The old mother was weak and dizzy, and was dropped on the stone road up the mountain Marlboro Lights. When she woke up, she thought her son was tired and hungry, struggling to walk down the mountain step by step. At this time, the son ran towards her, because the old mother was worried and scolded again, so anxious that she was hit by a big tree on the side of the road, and she died. Afo was originally confessing to the old mother. I regretted seeing the scene just now. I buried my mother under the tree sadly, and cut the tree down to carve a statue of a mother. Every year the mother dies, Abudu Go out to gather flowers, soak the statue in warm water sprinkled with petals and wash. Come for peace. This is the origin of the Songkran Festival. In addition to splashing water blessings and jumping elephant feet, the Songkran Festival of the Deang ethnic group also has one of the most characteristic customs, which is to wash the feet of elders. At that time, each family member of the junior generation should prepare a pot of hot water and bring it to the center of the hall. Please bring the parents and other elders out of the house to sit in the hall and ask them to blame. Please forgive them for their filial piety in the past year. The elders also have to review the deficiencies in the past year in setting an example for the juniors. Then, the juniors wash their hands and feet for the elders while wishing each other a happy and diligent atmosphere in the coming year. This is the Songkran Festival of the Deang people. After reading their customs, I am ashamed and know that I have no respect for my parents in my daily life and I do n��t put much emphasis on it. I will never be disrespectful to my parents in the future. I want to be a generous and filial junior like Deang people.
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